The three stages of APP outsourcing development and the work to be done in each stage

For APP development, the overall process can be divided into three stages, the first stage is the demand stage, the second stage is the research and development stage, and the third stage is the release stage. Each stage includes multiple steps, step by step, and finally completes the development of the project.

The process difference between outsourcing production and self-development is not very big, but outsourcing is to develop software according to the wishes of customers, and self-operation is to conduct research and production according to one’s own needs.

The three stages of APP outsourcing development and the work to be done in each stage
APP development

Let’s take a look at the three stages of APP outsourcing development and the work to be done in each stage:

The detailed steps included in the three stages are:

Clear requirements: communicate, organize and clarify customer needs, write documents, and build functional architecture diagrams

Interactive experience: user experience design, user scenario simulation, prototype design

UI design: interface, color visual design, icon design and layout design

Function development: server side, Apple and Android side, front-end H5 development/interface development

Test acceptance: BUG modification, function adjustment and optimization, complete acceptance documents, and online application market

After-sales service: follow-up technical maintenance, continuous follow-up, project operation support

Next, let’s talk about the work content and output of the three stages and each step, as well as the project members and roles required for each link.

1. Demand stage

1. Demand discussion: The product manager communicates with the customer, what functions to do, how to do it, including: development type, platform to be developed, specific product function requirements, specific product design requirements, project completion time, development budget, through repeated Investigate, discuss, and output interactive solutions, and produce functional architecture diagrams.

2. Demand assessment: After outputting the interaction scheme, the product finds the corresponding development to discuss whether the demand scheme is feasible, including the technical difficulty of functional requirements, the feasibility and experience evaluation of evaluation design requirements, the expected completion time of the project, and the actual development cost.

3. Project technology development and visual planning: each department started the project meeting at the beginning of the project, and the design department began to design UI (product interface) and UE (user experience), and carried out creative design for the product to form a preliminary rendering. After the first Customer’s acknowledgment. After making secondary revisions based on the specific results of the communication, and finally confirming the high-fidelity visual map with the customer, it began to enter the research and development stage.

Second, research and development stage

1. Project start: Development conducts requirements review based on product requirements documents, and evaluates the R&D cycle, testing time, pre-release time point, and official release time point.

2. Program development process: front-end development – program development – interface docking – third-party access (Alipay payment function, etc.) – regular project meeting communication and control of project development progress – development budget audit.

3. Program testing: multi-model synchronous testing of product-oriented platforms, including: App content testing, App performance testing, App function testing, App visual testing, and debugging and repairing of BUGs. After passing the test and confirming that there are no bugs, communicate with the customer and start acceptance. Tested by the customer and proposed amendments.

Third, release stage

The following materials need to be prepared in advance before the online release.

It takes about a week for Apple’s APPstore to review an application, so if it is a project with a specified launch time in the plan, the development and testing must be completed half a month in advance to allow time for the launch review. Android markets generally review quickly, generally within about 3 days.

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