The difference between APP development and mini program development

Original title: The difference between APP development and mini program development

The difference between WeChat applet and APP is that one is development and the other is usage. With the rapid development of the Internet, many merchants now need to sell products through the Internet, but they do not know which method they should develop when developing small programs or APPs.

The difference between APP development and mini program development

When many companies or individuals implement a mobile business model, they usually struggle with which development to choose. In addition to APP development and small program development, there is another kind of website development. Website development is based on opening mobile website applications through a browser. Mini programs and APPs are the differences between APP application development, mini program development and mobile website development. In terms of functions, if you want to compare APP, Based on a comprehensive analysis of the functions of mini programs and mobile websites in terms of storage, compatibility, and expansion, APP will be better than mini programs and websites in terms of storage, compatibility, expansion, and stability, because the development of applications is based on The language of the mobile phone system itself can highly match the function calls of the mobile phone system itself, so the problem is that it is packaged in an installation package, and this installation package carries more functional content.

All medium and large mobile apps are primarily apps. For small programs, their positioning is a simple application, relying on simple and fast use, and the concept of loading and loading after use, and what inevitable functional issues are sacrificed. If the mobile website is basically used to display information or has a single basic function, there is not much analysis.

When mini programs and APPs are selling products, mini programs can directly sell to users without registering an account. Only after logging in to the platform can you purchase products, make payments, etc. These are all necessary when using APPs to sell products. Operation steps, in comparison, the WeChat applet is more convenient. After developing the applet, the user only needs to enter the name of the applet in the WeChat search bar to receive it. There is no need to download or other operations. The WeChat applet can Bind your own WeChat account directly, and you can find the mini program by pulling down in WeChat; if you use the APP, you need to register your own account first, and then you can enter the APP mall to upload products, and then you need to use a certain cost to promote it. Only then can users be attracted to download the APP and use it.

In terms of cost, mini programs are less expensive to develop than APPs, because WeChat mini programs have low research and development costs and do not need to be promoted separately, while APPs have high costs and maintenance costs and require a certain amount of time. In terms of promotion costs, good things must cost more. Since APP development generally requires two ends, namely Android APP development based on the Android mobile phone system and iOS APP development based on the Apple mobile phone system, the workload of the client is basically doubled. , coupled with a backend, in comparison, a small program only needs to be a universal terminal and a backend, and it is a light application, so development is faster in comparison.

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