Functions developed by the home appliance repair applet

Original title: Functions of home appliance repair applet development

Household appliances are used frequently, and problems will inevitably occur sometimes. When a fault occurs, it is necessary to find a repairman quickly to ensure the normal operation of daily life. Generally, consumers look for some offline physical stores to find repairmen. This method is more time-consuming and inefficient. Develop a maintenance applet so that users can place an order and make an appointment for maintenance on their mobile phone without going out. Let’s take a look at its specific functions.

Functions developed by home appliance repair applet

Maintenance applet functions:

1. Store search: Users can directly conduct online repair searches through the mini program, thereby helping users find the corresponding repair stores more quickly for door-to-door repairs.

2. Online appointment: When users need to obtain maintenance services and do not have free time, they can directly make an appointment through the mini program online appointment. When the time is reached, the maintenance union will come to provide services.

3. Online payment: Repair services naturally require corresponding fees, and placing orders online can help users solve payment problems.

4. Online consultation: Provide an online communication platform for users and maintenance workers, which can not only obtain maintenance services well, but also protect privacy.

The above is an introduction to the basic functions of a home appliance repair applet. If you need to develop a home appliance repair applet, you might as well add your own unique elements and improve the quality and experience. In detail, you will be able to create a home appliance with remarkable effects. Maintenance app.

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