Why do small programs? What are the advantages of mini programs?

Original title: Why make a mini program? What are the advantages of mini programs?

“In the context of the explosive growth of the Internet, simply using offline business methods is far from meeting people’s needs.

As ​​a channel for merchants to expand online marketing methods, mini programs contain huge traffic and are an existence that cannot be ignored.

In 2019, the daily active users of mini programs exceeded 300 million, and the transaction volume exceeded 800 billion.

The daily active users of mini programs in 2020 have exceeded 400 million, and the transaction amount has reached 2 trillion.

It is expected that mini program users will still grow rapidly in 2021. ”

Why do we need to make mini programs? What are the advantages of mini programs?

The launch of mini programs has brought many conveniences to all walks of life. Some businesses also have little understanding of mini programs and do not understand what advantages they have.

So today I will share with you the advantages of mini programs:


Open WeChat, no installation required

Mini programs can be opened directly in WeChat without installation or uninstallation. They are available at any time and are ready to go; giving users a good experience.


Doesn’t take up space on your phone

Mini programs do not occupy storage space; mini programs eliminate the need for installation and uninstallation steps, and all data is stored in the cloud, which does not occupy the user’s mobile phone storage.

Users don’t have to worry about the functionality of the undownloaded mini program being too different from the APP, because the mini program can currently implement the basic functions of the APP.


The development cost of small programs is low

The production cost of small programs is low and the efficiency is high. It is extremely easy to build mini programs. Currently, there are many third-party mini program development platforms, which are specially designed for merchants. They require low costs and are extremely efficient in production.

Users only need to drag and drop the required modules to build, which allows customers to get their own exclusive mini program mall in the shortest possible time.


Log in with WeChat and avoid the hassle of registration

Mini programs do not require user registration; just authorize personal information in WeChat directly.

For sellers, Simplifying the entry process of the mini program will greatly improve the conversion rate of consumers.


Multiple promotion channels and strong communication capabilities

Mini programs can be forwarded or inserted into WeChat public account articles, which improves the dissemination ability of mini programs.

Consumers can use WeChat scanning, sharing with friends, etc. to long press and identify the mini program QR code, which is very convenient;

Multiple entrances such as nearby mini programs can also bring more traffic to the mini program.

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