What does SEO optimization subtraction refer to, and how does it help SEO?

What are the SEO optimization techniques

The addition of SEO is actually easy to understand: increase the number of Baidu included, increase the number of external links Ideally, the number of website visits will increase day by day.

But careful webmasters will find that: there is always a period of time when you do external links every day, and you can’t see the increase in the total number of external links or the increase in Baidu’s collection of external links, and the number of website visits does not increase but decreases. When the platform website encounters such shortcomings, a friendly reminder that the platform website should be abandoned.

What does SEO optimization subtraction refer to, and how does it help SEO?
SEO optimization

So, what does SEO optimization subtraction refer to, and how does it help SEO?

1. Reduce Total Backlinks

Many times, due to the need to redo the network operation process, or delete some content, etc., backlinks are easy to appear. Maybe two or three are no problem, but if the number of backlinks accumulates over time It is very easy to have problems.

Under normal circumstances, if it is to redo, for example, change the reverse link generated by the URL, then it is best to do 301 redirection; if a large number of deleted pages, you can find regularity and then do 301 or directly in robots. If disallow is dropped in the txt file, if there is no regularity, you can sort out the backlinks and submit them to the Baidu backlink tool.

2. Reduce the total number of multi-channel web pages

I think it is the problem that a web page can be browsed through multiple URLs. In fact, there will be no problems with the platform website converted from static web pages, but not all programs support static web page conversion. For example, fake In a static and dynamic program, one page matches two URLs, so blocking one of them must be done.

3. Reduce the page opening time

This is related to the problem of platform website loading. Platform website loading has a lot to do with the crawling index of spiders. Too slow opening speed of platform website not only affects the user experience of platform website, but also very slow loading It is easy to cause problems with spider crawling and incomplete crawling. In addition to the need for a stable and fast server support, it is very important to reduce the burden and increase efficiency of the website source code.

4. Reduce low-quality webpages to be indexed by Baidu

The number of indexed pages may need to be improved for SEO, but what needs to be improved is the indexed pages of valuable high-quality content pages. Some platforms will independently put news comments into a page, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing the number of Baidu collections. This may not be a problem for a platform with high popularity, after all, it is all original Webpages are high-quality for search engines, but if there are very few comments on their own, or most news reports have no comments, then it will become a waste page with many blank page comments. It is also easy to solve problems. The reasonable way is to cancel the existence of these pages. If they must exist, they must be disallowed.

5. Reduce low-quality external links

Under normal circumstances, it is normal for the platform website to have spam external links. After all, external links are not under the control of the webmaster, but if the quality of external links is very low or there are many spammy external links , This will have a great impact on the SEO of the platform website, so reducing low-quality external links is a problem that must be paid attention to. In response to this, Google has released a tool for denying links. Baidu seems to have no convenient method for the time being. In addition to manually searching and deleting, at the same time, it is to achieve the effect of trade-offs by adding high-quality external links.

6. Reduce spider crawling without practical meaning

Generally, search spiders will give a company website a certain range of crawling frequency according to the degree. In fact, it can be observed from the IIS system log that the crawling frequency of spiders usually does not fluctuate greatly, but we can increase the crawling frequency of spiders. Quality, such as reducing the crawling of some meaningless web pages, and increasing the crawling opportunities of some web pages.

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