Things to note when developing custom mini programs

Original title: Things to note when developing customized mini programs

With its small size, no installation required, and the widespread use of WeChat, WeChat mini programs have gained a good ecological environment. Its “small and light” characteristics represent, to some extent, the future development of Internet apps. Trend, as the hottest application nowadays, mini programs have attracted a large number of users, developers and merchants. Developers from enterprises, governments, media, other organizations or individuals have applied to register mini programs. In the past two years of development, it has formed Develop the development environment and developer ecosystem of small programs.

WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, Douyin and other platforms have successively launched their own mini program platforms. In the Chinese IT industry for so many years, mini programs have truly affected every developer. From ordering food through mini-programs to e-commerce shopping, mini-programs have been integrated into every scene of life. Then, when customizing and developing a mini program, it is necessary to not only make all the mini programs meet the needs of the market, but also pay more attention to the user experience. Only in this way can it be possible to create a successful mini program.

Notes on custom development of small programs

Which small program custom development method to choose?

Because a small program involves a lot of work, including front-end development, operation back-end development, server deployment, establishment of various communication channels, etc. Many individuals or companies do not have their own development teams, and usually can only choose to outsource and customize mini programs and let professional mini program development companies carry out the development.

Determine the core functions of the mini program

Different mini programs target different groups of people, and their functions are deduced according to their needs. What are the core functions? Which ones can be added in later update iterations. After understanding the requirements, we can better communicate with the development company.

After the mini program is developed, it needs to be continuously tested

After a small program is developed, it needs to undergo continuous optimization testing. This is very important and may even affect the final launch of the mini program. Only by perfecting the mini program to the best from the user’s perspective can the mini program go further. In addition, what you need to pay attention to in the future is upgrades. Any product or system needs constant upgrades to continuously improve and optimize.

In short, the customized development of mini programs is a systematic project. Whether it is a large and comprehensive comprehensive mini program or a small and sophisticated vertical mini program, it faces fierce market competition. Therefore, in the process of product positioning to development and operation, It needs to be completed by the product owner of the demand side and the product manager of the mini program development company, rather than just completing the simple function development.

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