What is the specific process of APP software outsourcing development?

What is the specific process of APP software outsourcing development?

What is the specific process of APP software outsourcing development?
APP software outsourcing development process

Mainly as follows, outsourcing company process is similar.

1. Demand communication

Screen and determine APP outsourcing developers: When choosing outsourcing development, both parties must communicate with each other to understand the project and analyze the feasibility of development. Attention should be paid to this link, such as company size, years of establishment, company experience, company team situation, etc.;

2. Product function list confirmation

You must have a general idea of ​​your own APP, what it should look like, and what functions it has;

3. Job evaluation

After confirming the demand development, it is necessary to evaluate the development time of the App software development project, provide a detailed quotation form, and confirm the development work arrangement.

4. Both parties sign the project contract

After the two parties have reached an agreement on various issues, they will formally sign the project contract and start the project.

5. Design, development, testing, launch

Develop App software according to the final requirements, and check the entire project, including from the design prototype to the final successful launch.

6. Related content delivery

After the development is completed, the App outsourcing company delivers the relevant content according to the contract requirements, and the cooperation is completed.

7. Maintenance and upgrade

As for whether maintenance and upgrades are required in the later stage, it depends on the contract requirements of both parties.

Be sure to find someone with deep technical experience. I think it depends on the background of the founder of the development company, whether it is a technical background, or a product maker before. If you are doing sales or marketing, you must be cautious. Those with a technical background are the most reliable and trustworthy, and can maintain high-quality project completion.

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