How to attract traffic to mini programs in 2022

What is the method to attract traffic to mini programs in 2021?

It has been several years since the mini program was launched, and users have gradually become accustomed to using mini programs in various aspects of life. As more and more existing merchants and enterprises develop mini program malls, mini program operations have also become more and more popular. “Drainage” has created a battle. Nowadays, mini program operations will pay more attention to drainage. Only by increasing user traffic can mini programs be ensured to have a certain frequency of use. So the editor will talk about mini program drainage in 2022. What’s the fastest way? for reference.

How to attract traffic to mini programs in 2022
Mini Program Drainage

1. Social sharing: As we all know, the mini programs we use now are all built on WeChat, so how to let WeChat users transfer to the mini program mall, here you need “social sharing” to import, which is better for merchants Only by making good use of social attributes can we truly and quickly attract user traffic to the mini program mall. For example, posting mini program codes and mini program links when chatting with friends on WeChat is one of the most intuitive and fast ways to attract traffic.

2. SEO optimization: For many younger user groups nowadays, it is very clear that the WeChat drop-down can quickly find the entrance to the mini program. If you have a need for the mini program type, you will enter keywords in the search box to search for the corresponding one. For small programs, merchants need to put SEO optimization thinking into the operation of small programs, making it easier for users to query their own small programs through the most direct entrance or search, so as to achieve traffic drainage.

3. Marketing activities: There are many marketing activities in the mini program mall, and these activities need to be planned. If you just carry out online marketing activities casually without specific positioning, planning, budgeting, etc., it can actually bring The traffic drainage effect is also very small, especially when market positioning and user analysis are required. These data can bring good traffic to the mini program mall for online marketing activities.

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