WeChat Development: Advantages of WeChat Mini Program Mall

As a comprehensive App, WeChat has a huge traffic volume. WeChat mini programs were launched by WeChat in 2017. After several years of development, they have become a part of everyone’s daily life. We use mini programs in many life scenarios.

Mini program malls are designed to satisfy customers’ shopping experience anytime and anywhere. Merchants can use mini programs to combine multiple retail scenarios and services to obtain more traffic, provide customers with more convenience and increase sales.

Although mini program malls have been around for a long time, some businesses don’t know what mini program malls are. They are actually online commercial streets that exist on WeChat. They are used in the form of mini programs and help entrepreneurs increase product sales. Many companies have jumped into the game.

WeChat Development: Advantages of WeChat Mini Program Mall
Mini Program Mall

Advantages of WeChat Mini Program Mall:

1. Convenient and fast

Compared with apps and websites on other shopping platforms, mini programs have a big advantage – convenience and speed. For example, when using apps from other shopping platforms, you not only need to download and install them, but you also need to register and log in. The steps are cumbersome. Even if you don’t use the APP and log in directly to the shopping platform’s website, you still need to go through registration and login.

But WeChat mini programs are different. Since mini programs are used on WeChat, there is no need to download and install them. In addition, when logging in, users can also choose to use their WeChat account to log in to the mini program, and log in with one click. The operation is simple and fast. .

2. Many entrances

As a type of mini program, the mini program mall itself has many open entrances, such as: nearby mini programs, mini program codes, WeChat search, group sharing, friend sharing, official account association, push, etc. More than 50 entrances . These entrances help companies better obtain traffic for conversion and monetization.

3. WeChat assistance

I believe everyone knows that the mini program mall is run on WeChat, which is a big advantage in itself. If you are running a shopping mall website or APP, the first thing you need to do is to have a user base. For a new platform, it is very difficult to obtain traffic.

But WeChat mini programs, backed by WeChat, have 1 billion users. Among these users, there must be many users with related needs. Coupled with nearby mini programs, search discovery mini programs, official account associations, etc., mini programs can easily obtain a large amount of traffic.

4. Scenario marketing

As mentioned above, mini programs have many entrances, including online entrances and offline entrances, and mini program malls are mainly used for shopping, so offline entrances are very important. Many mini program malls are frequently used offline, and coupled with their marketing attributes, many merchants have solved many business problems and greatly saved human, material, financial and other costs, which has greatly improved improve the business efficiency of the store.

5. Low development cost

Enterprises developing WeChat mini programs can not only solve the development cost problem, but also shorten the development cycle. They can also take advantage of the existing marketing trends of WeChat. Users can enter by scanning the QR code.

The WeChat Mini Program Mall is safer and more standardized: Compared with traditional e-commerce, the WeChat Mini Program Mall has a simpler system architecture and saves time and effort in operation. The WeChat Mini Program Mall is unique and user data will not be shared. , trade fairs are safer. This can effectively increase customer loyalty; in addition, the third-party payment function not only improves payment efficiency, but also increases payment security.

Although mini programs have many advantages, the editor still recommends that you operate them with a matching model. Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, product homogeneity is serious, and prices are relatively more transparent than before. The prices of products among merchants have been lowered and lowered again and again, and it is difficult to make a profit from the price difference. In addition to the conventional focus on price and quality, if you want to differentiate, you can only start with the operating model.

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