Which is better, applet development or APP development?

As WeChat software is becoming more and more popular nowadays, everyone, regardless of gender, age or age, will use WeChat as a social software.

Under the WeChat ecosystem, it has also been favored by many companies. Because of its convenience, no download is required, and a system is suitable for any system mobile phone. It greatly reduces the difficulty of promoters in the promotion work and improves the efficiency of customer acquisition.

Which is better, applet development or APP development?
Small program development and APP development

So, which is better small program development or APP development? Let’s take a look next.

1. Small program development to control the loss rate

In the past, promoters were affected by many external factors when promoting an app, such as: downloading an app would consume traffic, take up space on the mobile phone, the customer’s mobile phone has no traffic, insufficient memory, and the mobile phone model does not match and cannot be downloaded, etc. For offline promotion workers, it is very difficult for users to download, install and use it in a short period of time, which will lead to the loss of some users who are waiting and watching.

If the enterprise develops products with small programs, the above problems become very easy. Users only need to scan the QR code of the WeChat small program to directly enter the application. Users can directly save the trouble of registration and login through WeChat authorization. , improve the convenience of using the mini program and the enthusiasm of customers, and easily control the loss rate of users.

2. The drainage effect of APP

When customers do promotion and operation, they operate online and offline together.

Online promotion generally uses advertisements, copywriting, videos, etc. to promote products. Offline promotion means that some promoters organize some small activities to promote communication opportunities with users.

The advantage of small program development is that it can be used by scanning codes, which is fast and convenient, and can satisfy any offline promotion activities. It can also be used for advertising on billboards, advertisements in elevators, leaflets, etc., as long as the user scans the QR code of the applet.

In the later stage, it is also very easy for customers to divert traffic from the small program to the APP. The data exchange between the small program users and the APP side is also convenient for users.

3. Why develop APP?

To be honest, the advantages of small program development are very powerful, and it can be said that it can completely cover APP, so why do we need to develop APP?

In fact, the functions that APP can do, the development of small programs can also do. APP application It is an independent product and does not depend on other software. Some customers may need to have their own set of APP products, which can be used as valuable cash in business negotiations — user data, including the valuation of companies listed in the later stage can be used as a reference.

Mini programs are attached to other applications, and the number of users cannot be counted as their own product value. For early entrepreneurs, we still recommend that you first develop a set of mini-program software to attract users. When the use of software products reaches a certain scale, the company can develop a set of APP in consideration of later development, and the mini-program users can attract traffic to the APP. .

4. Choose according to the actual budget

Whether it is APP software or small program software, it is nothing more than a mobile application carrier, and it is a tool for enterprise promotion and operation.

Because in the initial overall layout planning of the enterprise, it is necessary to consider clearly its own budget, time and other factors. If you are looking for speed and low price, you can consider the development of Hefei applets. In the later stage of use, you can adjust the software functions and layout step by step.

To sum up, in fact, there is no one is better, they are all complementary.

Different customers have different needs and different budgets, and they can choose suitable application products according to their own conditions. No matter what kind of application it is, it is a tool for customer operation, and the core depends on the two aspects of later operation and promotion.

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