Functions developed by the flower booking applet

Original title: Functions developed by the flower booking applet

Basically, everyone likes flowers, so flowers are often used as the first gift. Therefore, it often appears in scenes of confession, proposal, and anniversary. Faced with such a vast market demand, how can merchants miss it? How can they effectively grasp the needs of users and obtain more customers? Now is the era of mobile Internet, so it is natural to focus on mobile software. , for this purpose it is necessary to develop a flower booking applet, so what are the functions of developing a flower booking applet?

Function developed by flower booking applet

Mall functions:

Users can directly choose their favorite flowers in the mini program according to their own needs and make online reservations. Customers can receive their favorite flowers without leaving home, which can further enhance the user experience.

Customer service functions:

Users can ask questions online, help users solve problems, and improve users’ favorability towards the store.

Appointment function:

It can be directly included in the mall module. After selecting, the user can directly make an appointment and place an order, and then the store will send someone to deliver it.

Special price features:

It can increase the sales volume of the store and attract more users. After all, it is the last word to buy cheaper than other stores. You can also carry out some small benefits for old customers, which can also increase user stickiness.

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