Introduction to the advantages of mini programs: What are the changes and opportunities brought by mini programs?

WeChat mini program is both a change and an opportunity!

On January 9, 2017, the WeChat mini program was officially launched. Ten years ago, Steve Jobs also released the iPhone on January 9th. Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, specifically chose this day, which shows how much he has high hopes for mini programs. Mini programs can be said to be a major revolution for WeChat!

The release of mini programs also shows WeChat’s layout in entering the business field. It took one year to gradually open up various capabilities of mini programs. Previously, merchants had to use WeChat to Having your own “Internet +” system requires tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan in technology development costs. Now the mini program has reduced this cost to a few thousand yuan. You can have whatever functions you need. Developed in mini programs, users do not have to spend data and mobile phone memory to download apps. Merchants can use them and customers can use them conveniently. In this way, many apps are no longer necessary and have been replaced by mini programs.

Introduction to the advantages of mini programs
Introduction to the advantages of mini programs

Mini programs are the revolution of traditional commercial enterprises

Why do you say that? First of all, before the mini program came out, if customers wanted to know about a store’s products and services, they had to go to the store to listen to the clerk’s introduction and read the product brochure. But now that merchants have mini programs, goods and services can be perfectly presented on it. All you need to do is forward the customer’s WeChat message. If the customer makes a deal, he will become a member of the store. The merchant can continue to bring more new customers to old customers by sending preferential information, group buying, distribution, etc., even if the boss is not in the store. You can also use your mobile phone to see real-time online data of all stores, truly improving operational efficiency in an all-round way. With the popularity and application of mini programs, it will greatly improve the operations of traditional commercial enterprises. In the future, every traditional merchant and enterprise doing business will need a mini program.

Opportunities brought by mini programs

1. More and more people are using it

Use and install. As long as the user has used a certain mini program, he will find it in the mini program next time and can use it quickly without registering and downloading. Very convenient, “available at any time, use it and go”.

2. WeChat opens up more traffic

More open entrances. In the past year, in order to allow users to use more mini programs, WeChat has successively opened more than 60 access entrances, including the WeChat chat interface drop-down Menus, group chats, public accounts, QR code scanning, discovery bar mini programs, etc. will naturally bring more customers to the merchants and return visits.

3. The mini program has eye-catching functions

First, the mini program can be shared to WeChat groups and friends. And the presentation is not a small link, but a very large card that can display a lot of information. Therefore, the probability of people opening mini programs is 10 times that of opening ordinary WeChat links.

Second, for users who have opened the mini program, merchants can directly interact with each other by sending messages, sending customer service messages, etc.

4. Merchants can develop more customers

Because the threshold for using mini programs is very low, no download is required and you can experience it with just one click. Therefore, many users can quickly learn to use mini programs as long as they can play WeChat. WeChat also provides many entrances, and merchants don’t have to spend too much on advertising, so the cost of acquiring customers is naturally very low.

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