How should furniture app development make functions that satisfy customers?

Furniture is closely related to our lives, not just limited to our daily environment. The working environment, leisure and entertainment environment are inseparable from the decoration and use of furniture. New residences, new working environments, etc. all need to purchase a complete set of furniture based on the size and structure of the space. However, traditional furniture purchasing channels are limited and cannot meet the needs of users; when users purchase furniture through traditional methods, they will purchase furniture from the first impression. . It’s impossible to imagine what the actual placement will do, and in many cases the furniture behaves differently than expected and sadly. Competition in the traditional furniture industry is showing signs of weakness.

Furniture app development provides users with a solution to their habitual behaviors with furniture, while also providing the furniture industry with new sales channels to capture the mobile consumer market.

How should furniture app development make functions that satisfy customers?
Furniture APP development

1. So, how can furniture app software development provide users with more satisfactory furniture services?

1. AR+app provides users with new experiences

Common furniture purchases are made through first impressions or personal preferences, sales introductions, etc. What often makes people regret is that the overall style does not match or cannot achieve the expected effect after purchasing the house. Furniture apps can be developed to be used in conjunction with AR technology, allowing users to place furniture in specific locations in the room when viewing related furniture through the furniture app software to enhance the sense of reality and allow users to understand the actual appearance of the furniture. Users no longer have to worry about unreasonable furniture placement or mismatch in overall style, which is more conducive to promoting users’ purchases. Furniture companies will also face fewer returns and exchanges.

2. Intelligent deployment

The arrangement of furniture style determines the style of the entire environmental space. In fact, faced with a dazzling array of furniture, most users do not understand the overall arrangement. Generally, the entire style is mismatched or confusing, and fails to bring ambition to the living environment. In function. Furniture app development provides furniture companies with intelligent matching solutions, allowing users to enter relevant keywords based on their preferences, and providing a variety of matching solutions for users to choose from. It not only solves the problem of users blindly selecting furniture, but also promotes the sale of complete sets of furniture by furniture companies.

3. Various style allocation plans

For some users, they not only like furniture matching of a certain style, but also want to know the matching of different styles. Intelligent matching cannot satisfy all users’ reading needs by entering queries again and again. The furniture app software can organize and display various styles of furniture, and can constantly update the latest styles, allowing users to fully understand the matching plans of various styles, and then choose the appropriate matching plan for purchase.

2. Main functions of furniture app development

1. Registration and login:Users can register and log in to the furniture app software through multiple methods (such as mobile phone number, WeChat, QQ, Weibo, email, etc.).

2. Positioning and navigation: After the user enters the app software, he or she can locate the current city location and know the address of the company in the current city. They can use positioning navigation to come to the door to learn about it; furniture companies can also assign customers to local branches based on positioning. The company can reduce shipping and other costs, which is more conducive to closing transactions.

3. Online booking: Through the furniture app software, online consultation, one-click dialing and other booking services are available.

4. Online payment: Users can complete online order payment transactions through multiple methods (WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, etc.) through the furniture app. Sharing and commenting: Users can save, forward, and share products and information, etc., and the furniture sold can be discussed to provide reference opinions for more users. Marketing activities: Furniture app software can carry out various marketing activities such as discounts, coupons, full discounts, group purchases, etc. to promote sales.

5. Shopping cart: Users can add furniture to the shopping cart in advance and make a one-time payment after adding it.

6. Brand introduction: The company, brand, furniture design, etc. are displayed on the app software through graphics and videos. Therefore, users can not only purchase furniture through the app software, but also understand the strength and product characteristics of the furniture company. Art style, brand story, etc. Branding also enhances users’ trust in the company and products.

7. Product placement and removal: New products are put on the shelves in time through the app software, or put on the shelves in advance for users to pre-order and purchase; sold products are removed from the shelves. Information push: When releasing new products, latest information, latest activities, etc., push relevant information in a timely manner to remind users to pay attention and understand, enhance users’ understanding of the company, and participate in activities in a timely manner.

8. After-sales service: For furniture after-sales service with a certain maintenance period, users can apply for after-sales service through the furniture app software to quickly solve problems, leave a good image for users, and obtain word-of-mouth marketing.

9. Investment invitation: You can integrate resources, invite third-party merchants to settle in, manage your own store, and jointly build a large furniture Internet supermarket to win admission fees, advertising fees, etc.

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