Development functions of furniture applet

Original title: Development functions of furniture applet

Mini programs have entered our lives. Mini programs have been used in many places in life. More and more industries have begun to develop their own mini programs. Mini programs are based on application functions in APPs and can achieve many things. Mini programs are favored by many merchants, and the furniture industry is no exception. Mini programs can help merchants attract traffic and save costs. What are the specific functions of furniture mini programs?

Development function of furniture applet

Functions of furniture applet:

1: Quick search

If users have special needs for a certain type of product, they can search directly on the furniture applet to help users quickly find the furniture products they need and improve the user experience.

2: Classification search

There are many types of products in the furniture industry. The furniture applet is equipped with category navigation. When users want a certain product, they can search directly in the category to help users find the products they need.

3: Place an order online

After users browse the required products on the furniture applet, they can place an order directly on the furniture applet.

4: Order evaluation

After receiving the purchased goods, users can evaluate the goods in this order, which can help companies continuously improve service levels and provide certain reference for other users to purchase household products.

5: Personal center

Users can check browsing history, order logistics status, collected products and other information at any time in the personal center to facilitate users to find products.

For the furniture industry, it is important to provide users with personalized services. Merchants can use mini programs to display furniture scenes and increase the conversion rate and repurchase rate of potential users.

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