Introduction to WeChat Mini Program Development for Home Furnishing Industry

Home Industry WeChat Mini Program Development Guide

The home furnishing industry is a special industry. In recent years, with the emergence of smart home, VR and other products, the combination of online and offline has become the main marketing method in the home furnishing industry. WeChat As a marketing method that connects online and offline, mini programs have undoubtedly become the preferred target of the home furnishing industry, and the home furnishing industry can also provide users with a more convenient shopping experience through mini programs.

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Home Industry WeChat Mini Program Development
Home Industry WeChat Mini Program Development

Programmatic marketing in the home decoration industry has experienced explosive growth. Programmatic advertising has become a hot topic in the online advertising industry in recent years. According to a report from Analysys Think Tank, a third-party research institution, the size of China’s programmatic buying market reached 5.2 billion yuan in 2014, with an annual growth rate of 141%; it is expected that by 2016, the size of China’s programmatic buying advertising market will reach 18.8 billion yuan Yuan.

What benefits can WeChat mini programs bring to the home furnishing industry?

1. Increase sales through the connection between mini programs and official accounts. Fans of official accounts and mini programs can communicate with each other, and one mini program can be bound to 50 official accounts. Thereby greatly improving the user’s access rate.

2. Increase the exposure of the store through the nearby store function, thereby increasing sales and improving the popularity of the store. Users within 5 kilometers nearby can discover your offline physical store through the nearby mini program, which can achieve a free promotion effect.

3. Improve consumers’ home viewing experience. This experience is better than the download threshold of APP and the attention threshold of WeChat official account; the cost of developing and promoting APP is too high High, and troublesome to use. The mini program does not need to be downloaded and can be used immediately. It is a very convenient light application.

4. Making reservations through the WeChat applet can not only save users’ time, but also enable the home store to allocate time well, achieve short-term delivery, and save time. cost.

5. Consumers can see the home layout and renderings in the WeChat mini program, and then come to the store to see the real thing. They can also read other users’ comments and consult online. This can Greatly increase trading volume. Statistics: Online + offline operations are conducted simultaneously, with transaction volume reaching over 90%.

6. Unified management of customer resources and precision marketing. Find your customers through the mini program, which can be managed uniformly in the background of the mini program. You can also regularly send different coupons and promotional items to different customers to attract users to come and spend.

7. Low development cost and optimistic results. At present, the cost of developing small programs is much lower than the cost of developing official websites and APPs. Moreover, WeChat has more than 900 million user groups, and the entrance functions are constantly updated. Tencent is also vigorously promoting mini programs. The future of mini programs is worth looking forward to.

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