Car rental applet development: What are the main functions of the car rental applet?

With the development of society and the development of the Internet era, more and more industries have developed their own mini programs, and the car rental industry is no exception. Many people who like to travel by car, whether near the city or out of town, only You only need a mobile phone to drive yourself, and the car rental industry is no exception.

New Mileage Technology, a professional mini program development company, is here to talk to you about: Car Rental Mini Program: What are the main functions of car rental mini program development?

Car rental applet development
Car rental applet development

1. Car rental applet vehicle information

Users can select a vehicle through the car rental applet and determine the rental time. Merchants can arrange the vehicle in advance. Users can also see the cleanliness, performance and safety of the vehicle in detail, and have a comprehensive understanding of vehicle information.

2. Car rental applet online booking

Users can use their mobile phones to check the sites closest to them, make reservations online, and then go to the car rental location for corresponding services.

3. Car rental applet evaluation

After using the rented vehicle, users can evaluate their activities and experiences, and can also share their comments.

4. Car rental applet order inquiry

Users can view the order process through the mini program so that they can make better choices later.

5. Car Rental Mini Program Member Center

The member center of the car rental mini program is equipped with functions such as coupons and red envelopes. Through these functions, you can better acquire new users and retain old users.

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