What are the functions of property management APP software development?

Property management companies are no strangers to property owners. Each community has its own property management company. A strong property management company will have its own way of dealing with business problems, including solving business worries online. Most properties use The best way is to solve problems offline, such as paying property fees, water bills, etc. If there is a property management app to specifically manage this aspect, it will be much more convenient for the owners.

What are the functions of property management APP software development?
Property APP development

So what are the functions that can be developed for the property app? At the same time, customers in need can also customize the development according to the functions they need for their actual property.

1. Property repair report

Owners can make an appointment for maintenance services from the property company online through the APP. After receiving the service, the owner can rate and comment on the repair results.

2. Property bills and online payment

After the owner moves in, he can directly check the monthly property bill information through the APP. At the same time, it supports the function of online payment of property fees. Through Alipay or WeChat payment, users can choose a convenient online payment channel to pay. The system has a built-in bill management system, which can realize billing and financial management within the property.

3. Property notification

The property company can publish property notices through the background. Every time a new notice is released, all residents in the current community will immediately receive a push message reminder.

4. Community market

Both property companies and owners can publish transaction information through the APP. Transactions are divided into multiple types: second-hand transactions, house sales, house rentals, building materials markets, etc., creating a community trading market and providing new channels for diversified property management.

5. Complaints and suggestions

Owners submit complaints or opinions to the property management company through the APP, and the property management company receives them in the background and responds in a timely manner. All complaints and suggestions are kept in the background of the system to form a ledger, and a clear record of each owner’s complaint and suggestion is kept. Visitor access pass: If a visitor wants to enter or leave the community, the owner can directly send the verification information of the “visitor pass” through SMS as a medium through the APP. After the verification is completed, the owner can enter and leave the community.

6. Convenient services

Models classified by housekeeping, car washing, second-hand transactions, tutoring, etc. show the convenient service facilities around the community. Based on the geographical positioning of LBS, priority is given to displaying convenient service facilities that are relatively close to current users. All convenience service companies that have settled in have reserved exclusive preferential terms with the operators, which are exclusive to community residents.

7. Community circle of friends

Moments is a platform for owners to communicate and interact, which can greatly improve the activity and user stickiness of the platform. All community residents can post content and pictures in Moments, and other residents can like and reply.

8. Community activities

Various commercial, cultural, sports, and social activities in the community are displayed through pictures and texts. On the one hand, users can sign up for activities they are interested in through the APP. On the other hand, for activities that have already been held, the content and wonderful pictures of the activities can be displayed and shared with residents.

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