• The key to improving user satisfaction: WeChat Mini Program Satisfaction Survey Form

    WeChat mini programs have emerged in the mobile application market in recent years and have become an important channel for major enterprises to publicize, promote and sell. Understanding user satisfaction with mini programs is a key link for companies to improve user experience. For this reason, designing a WeChat mini program satisfaction survey form has become an indispensable tool. Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some of the benefits of using the WeChat Mini Program Satisfaction Survey and why it is crucial to user experience….

  • APP development: Introduction to social APP development functions

    The development of the mobile Internet has made our lives more convenient and information can be transmitted faster. Vertical one-to-one social source apps such as QQ, WeChat and Momo have sprung up, bringing new innovations to traditional social methods. situation. Social APP development: 1. Login/Registration: Support login and registration with mobile phone number verification code, one-click login with local mobile phone number WeChat QQ. 2. Home page: recommendations, nearby, voice speed dating, limited time blind date, free chat, updates. (1) Voice speed dating function: Users can voice chat, and users…

  • APP development preparation materials and solutions

    1. What information is needed to develop an APP? 1. Business license (used to apply for corporate payment, domain name registration, and software listing application) 2. Mobile phone number (used to apply for various platform accounts and certification) 3. Email (users receive emails when applying for authentication) 4. Server (used for system cloud storage space) 5. SMS (used by the platform to send SMS verification codes) 6. Domain name: The access address of the software and the domain name need to be registered. Required information: (business license, legal person information,…