Video translation company: Video translation plus subtitles_Video narration translation_Video localization and editing_Short video translation production_Audio translation

Professional Video Translation Company: We provide video translation plus subtitles_video narration translation_video clip production_short video translation production

Professional video solutions: video editing, short video editing, corporate video editing, video color correction, Douyin short video editing, Taobao short video editing, TVC advertising editing, video special effects production

Video Translation Company
Video Translation Company

Of course, we have served many large international brands (HP, Dyson, Hilton Hotels, Aptamil, UnderArmour, etc.) in video production. We have rich experience in video editing and video dubbing, and the customer satisfaction rate and return rate are very high.

Video translation language:

Years of experience in localization of video translation, multilingual translation listening and translation services: English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Arabic and other language translation services

Video subtitles Chinese, video dubbing translation:

Chinese translation of video: Chinese post-production of video, localization of video subtitles, Chinese dubbing of video audio tracks, modification of videos, subtitles, audio tracks, etc. according to needs

Video translation dubbing, audio translation Chinese dubbing:

Sinicization of audio translation: Sinicization of audio dubbing, Infocode Lanchang has a rich library of professional dubbing personnel and free samples for you to choose from

Short video vlog post-editing production:

In addition to video translation services, we will edit video advertisements, special effects processing, and make short video clips according to customer needs

Legal compliance—we take commercial copyright very seriously:

New Mileage Technology has rich experience in international brand services. All video materials: pictures, fonts, and audio are commercially authorized versions purchased by Party A. The editing software is genuine and legally compliant.

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