What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs?

What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs?

What should you pay attention to when making and developing WeChat mini programs?

1. The first thing is to understand the background and business of the development company

Consider the qualifications of the development company, the strength of the technical team, and whether there is experience in developing software products.

Don’t easily believe that a small team of three or five people can quickly build a small program. Some copy other people’s code, and if a bug occurs, they cannot quickly locate the problem. Of course, this cannot be generalized. You still need to find a responsible and powerful software company to feel more at ease.

2. Choose one with appropriate price and clear charging standards.

For Internet products, “you get what you pay for” is not very applicable. Expensive ones are not necessarily good, and cheap ones are not reliable. It still needs to be distinguished based on the situation.

According to your own needs, choose one that is cost-effective and will not burden your operations. In addition, if you choose a service provider with clearly marked prices and no hidden consumption, the product will be more secure to use and will not be “consumption tied”. But there is no guarantee that some service providers will charge high fees for a single function, and I am in a dilemma.

3. Whether the function is complete

Function is the most basic requirement. The products on the market now can basically provide basic functions such as store decoration. If you go deeper, whether the page design is beautiful and consistent with the user experience; whether the tools to assist payment transactions are complete; whether it can meet the marketing requirements. Need to wait.

4. Improved operation and maintenance services

After all, a mini program is a technical product that requires maintenance by professional technicians, iterative upgrades of the system, and professional operation and maintenance to ensure the stability and fluency of the system. Customer service personnel can solve problems in a timely manner without affecting the daily operations of the merchant. .

Having said that, when choosing a small program development company, the first thing we need to know is what kind of development method we want to use. Whether it is customization or looking for a third-party platform, the nature of the company is different.

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