Functions developed by the car rental applet

Original title: Functions developed by car rental applet

In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. All walks of life can achieve marketing through APP development, and the car rental industry is no exception. Many people choose to rent a car when traveling on business or tourism, which is more convenient and faster. .

More and more people like to rent cars. The development of car rental apps can bring great convenience to people’s lives to a great extent. So what functions are needed for the development of car rental apps?

Function of car rental applet development

Car rental applet functions:

1 User registration:

User information registration is the basic function of the car rental applet. The user fills in personal information, including mobile phone number, and other important information, and waits for the platform to review it. Only after passing the approval can the car rental service be provided.

2 Navigation:

The navigation function is also very important to allow customers to view more car rental service companies, help users find the nearest car rental location, and enjoy more efficient services.

3 Vehicle display:

Users can browse vehicles that can be rented through the mini program. The display information of the vehicles must be comprehensive. Considering the user scenario, it is recommended to make a recommendation for novices, because novices are generally confused when choosing a car. If there is a recommendation, users can Quickly understand the overview of each car and quickly complete the car selection operation.

4 Online customer service:

Merchants can build customer service services in the mini program. If users need service while driving, they can immediately contact the online customer service of the mini program to improve the user experience and make users feel comfortable, which will increase the repurchase rate.

5 Apply for a lease:

Customers place an order through the car rental applet to apply for car rental and pay the required deposit online. After passing identity authentication and successfully activating the service, they can go to a nearby car rental location to obtain the car key from the relevant staff and drive away the selected car.

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