Functions developed by voting applet

Original title: Functions developed by voting applet

There are many occasions at work where it is necessary to promote voting to decide certain things.

The Voting Mini Program is a lightweight voting application for individuals and businesses. Users can open the application by scanning or searching in the Mini Program. There is no need to install or download, and it is at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily create real-time votes and vote online. , can make your voting more unique, so what are the functions of developing a voting applet?

Function developed by voting applet

Functions of the voting applet:

1. Registration system: There will be a registration process at the beginning of the voting activity. The registration system will provide users with what information should be uploaded and what information should be filled in. The company will review it in the background, and company staff can display the registration information normally after passing the review.

2. Voting system: Voting begins after registration is completed. The voting system will record the total number of votes received by each contestant, as well as the total number of votes received as a whole, and the total number of people participating in the event. The contestants are ranked in order of votes.

3. Sharing system: Each voting event will have a sharing system. The first is the sharing of the entire event. For example, in the lower right corner of the mini program, there is a share for this event and similar situations. The second is the sharing of each contestant. Go to the contestant’s homepage to share. After you go out, others can click on the contestant’s homepage that you shared, and then you can vote directly.

4. Personal center: Everyone will have a personal center. If you are a contestant, you can see the total number of votes you have received in the personal center. You can directly share canvassing votes in the personal center, and you can modify some of your participation information to achieve the purpose of canvassing votes. If you are a voter, the content will be relatively simple, with a registration entrance, the number of votes available today, and other related information.

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