What benefits can smart door lock APP software bring? How does it function?

With the rapid development of Internet and Internet of Things technology, smart home and smart life concepts have gradually entered people’s lives, and the market prospects of smart door locks are unlimited. Therefore, the smart door lock APP software came into being.

What benefits can smart door lock APP software bring? How does it function?
Smart door lock APP

What benefits can smart door lock APP software bring?

1. Intelligence

With this mobile application, all access control can be integrated with the smartphone, and users only need to unlock it online, making their door locks more convenient.

2. Security

The traditional unlocking method is key unlocking, and the emergence of smart door lock APP systems can provide users with diversified unlocking services. These unlocking methods can not only open the door in a short time, but also automatically scan surrounding objects, thus bringing users A safer home environment.

3. Convenience

This platform is different from traditional door locks in that it can provide corresponding unlocking services according to different groups of people. For example, for the elderly and children, as long as this group of people input their voice directly, the platform will automatically recognize the voice unlocking command, making their door lock life more convenient.

Main functions of smart door lock APP software:

1. Automatic identification

Different door locks have different unlocking functions. The smart door lock APP software cooperates with well-known door lock brands. Users can open data and WIFI. The smart door lock APP software will identify the door lock in the shortest time, thereby providing users with Door lock operation function.

2. Unlocking method

The smart door lock APP application has launched three unlocking methods online based on user needs. One is fingerprint unlocking, the second is password unlocking, and the third is induction unlocking; users can choose one of these three unlocking methods according to their own habits, making it easier to open the door.

3. Hidden camera

For users, security around the home is very important. The smart door lock APP software has hidden cameras in each door lock, and users can use the smart door lock APP software to view the surrounding environment of their residence in real time to improve their home security.

4. One-click alarm

The smart door lock APP software senses the surrounding heat source conditions online in real time. Once an abnormality is detected, it will be reported to the user as soon as possible and the alarm function will be activated immediately. On the contrary, if the user sees no abnormality, the alarm function can be canceled.

5. Intelligent detection

When the door lock is used for a certain period of time, it will become damaged. In order to make users’ lives more convenient, the smart door lock APP development will detect the use of the door lock in real time. Once unlocking failure occurs, the user will be immediately reminded to replace it in time, which greatly improves the user experience.

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