Hotel applet development

Original title: Hotel Mini Program Development

Although the current use of mini programs in the hotel and accommodation industry cannot achieve full coverage. However, chain hotels, well-known independent hotels, Internet celebrity hotels, etc. all have their own WeChat hotel mini programs. However, different hotels have different purposes for developing mini programs, so the requirements for hotel mini program development will also be very different.

Hotel Mini Program DevelopmentHotel Mini Program Development

Three mainstream ways to develop hotel mini programs.

Method 1. The lazy method of hotel applet development.

Just apply the traditional mall source code and change the interface.

Although it is cheap enough, you can buy it for several hundred to one thousand on Taobao or Zhubajie. But the disadvantage is that it feels great when you buy it, but it’s a lot of trouble to use it.

Because the business logic of the hotel industry is very different from that of ordinary malls. It is not as simple as displaying products and then paying.

Instead, it is a series of processes such as booking > payment > order taking > check-in > check-out! Each step can be extended to N possibilities.

If you have a technical consultant, you can consider this method.

Method 2: For hotel mini program development, you can also choose a third-party service provider officially recognized by WeChat.

The service providers officially recognized by WeChat include two types of service providers. For WeChat mini program service providers and WeChat payment service providers, it is best to have both qualifications.

The more important point is that it cannot be the kind of industry-wide service provider that does everything. This kind of service provider does not have an in-depth understanding of the hotel industry, and it is difficult to take into account many detailed functions.

You can go to the WeChat service platform to directly find mini programs for the hotel industry. Consult according to the above criteria, and you will have the answer in your mind!

Because the products of this kind of deeply customized service provider in the hotel industry have been tested by the market, you will avoid many pitfalls in the process.

Method 3: Carefully consider customized development when developing hotel mini programs

Although this method can make every function what you want according to your own needs. However, it has not been tested by the market and has not been tested in specific real-life scenarios. Many times, functions cannot be implemented! Not only is the investment huge, but the final effect may be similar to the first one. I just feel like it’s customized on demand! Pretend to acknowledge your own efforts. Prices often range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands! If it is a well-known large-scale development team, the base price may be hundreds of thousands!

If you really choose this model, you must find an industry insider who understands technology and the hotel business to help make suggestions.

Although hotel applet development has a certain threshold for hoteliers. But you must boldly embrace new trends. If you take one step quickly, you can get the dividends of new trends! Come to the trend bonus period, no matter how hard you try, it will be in vain!

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