What problems can blockchain development technology solve?

What problems can blockchain development technology solve?

What problems can blockchain development technology solve? The editor provides digital encryption asset system solutions in terms of blockchain wallet development, virtual currency wallet development, virtual currency trading network development, and blockchain exchange development. With extremely strong security protection levels, stable and efficient system architecture, and multiple encryption methods, we strive to create a transaction system with integrated services.

What problems can blockchain development technology solve?

What problems can blockchain development technology solve?

1. For information asymmetry, use shared ledgers and blockchain for accounting to achieve the unification of

2. If trust cannot be transferred, let trust be transferred along the capital flow, let the information flow and capital flow be transferred at the same time, trust can be easily transferred, and authorization can be shared.

3. If payment settlement cannot be completed automatically, it will be embedded in blockchain smart contracts to connect with financial institutions and banks. The path for clearing corporate funds on the bank payment channel chain will be solidified to effectively control default risks.

4. The problem of financing difficulties is solved through credible financing certificates, allowing core enterprise information to flow in the supply chain based on divisible and popular commercial note-like certificates, easing the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. As of now, Tencent blockchain is already in the game , medical, supply chain finance, taxation and other application scenarios, have been implemented

In addition, it also has the core advantages of being open and compatible with multiple underlying layers, enterprise-level dynamic networking and other mature applications. It will effectively promote the large-scale implementation of enterprise-level blockchain applications in all walks of life and promote the construction of China and the global trust economy. JD.com As a retailer with a large scale of online and offline sales in China, blockchain technology is used for product traceability and anti-counterfeiting by utilizing the traceability characteristics of blockchain.

The reason why product traceability and anti-counterfeiting is difficult is because it involves many independent entities upstream of the supply chain. Product information, warehousing information, logistics information, etc. are discretely stored in the respective systems of each participating link. The information flow lacks transparency and circulation. In the circulation of goods, The process also often exhibits multi-region and long-term span characteristics.

It is difficult to completely eliminate counterfeit and shoddy products from the market. When a liability accident occurs, there are many links involved, and proof and accountability are time-consuming and laborious. In business processing, there is a lot of review and verification of transaction documents and paper documents. Links are highly dependent on manual work, with a low degree of automation, making it difficult to collect information. Moreover, due to differences in product types, production links have different requirements, anti-counterfeiting and traceability requirements are different, and the methods adopted are also different. There are now sporadic traceability and anti-counterfeiting platforms in the industry, which are basically But it is centralized, the system is relatively fragile, it is highly affected by attacks, the data security is low, and the standards are not unified. Different product traceability and anti-counterfeiting system standards are inconsistent in different places, data sharing is difficult, and the platform participation method is single. , without the participation of multiple parties, it is difficult for each other to trust each other’s data, it is also difficult for the platform to prove its innocence, and it is impossible to communicate between platforms.

Mutual business endorsement and blockchain technology make the data that needs to be shared open and transparent between transaction parties, making it easier to find and solve problems in a timely manner, provide a complete and smooth information flow, and improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain, and the blockchain has The characteristics of non-tamperable data and existence proof of time can effectively resolve disputes between various participants in the supply chain, and achieve easy proof and accountability. The combination of the two characteristics of non-tamperable data and traceability of transactions can eradicate products in the supply chain. The problem of counterfeiting and inferior quality in the circulation process can be accurately traced through cryptographic algorithms to achieve full trust and intelligent collaboration among supply chain participants.

In general, the product traceability and anti-counterfeiting platform supported by blockchain development technology has the following characteristics to self-prove innocence. All data stored on the blockchain are strongly related in chronological order through cryptographic signatures and hashes. And with multi-party endorsements, value transfer cannot be tampered with privately: due to the authenticity and reliability of the data, consumers can trust the source and brand of the goods, which can bring value transfer; to reduce costs, the blockchain-based traceability and anti-counterfeiting platform is a multi-party cooperation , technology alone can achieve multi-party cooperation, reducing costs such as trust, and subsequently the capital costs of various assets will also be reduced, which can be described as a win-win situation; all data on the chain can be traced back in reverse, and each Data can be confirmed in every link, and evidence collection and debt collection are extremely simple and automated. All links such as manual review, verification of documents and paper documents that were previously highly relied on are electronic.

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