WeChat Mall Mini Program – What are the functional advantages of the Mini Program Mall?

Since the emergence of WeChat mini programs, it has always affected our lives. More and more businesses have developed their own WeChat mini programs.

Many merchants will consider functional requirements and development ideas before developing. Let’s learn about the functional advantages of mini program malls.

WeChat Mall Mini Program - What are the functional advantages of the Mini Program Mall?
Micro-business mini program

1. Product display function

Put the latest hot-selling products on the front page, and attach detailed explanations of the products and beautiful pictures, preferably with buyer comments, so that customers can understand the products more intuitively.

2. Online customer service function

Online customers must always be online and answer questions for customers in a timely manner. If there is a time limit, then it must be made clear. Online customer service is to answer questions for users at any time.

3. Shopping cart function

Let customers put all the selected products in the shopping cart, which makes it easier for customers to compare products and find them again, making it more convenient for customers to purchase.

4. Logistics function

Merchants can use a variety of delivery methods, and try to free shipping, because many customers are now concerned about free shipping. Merchants deliver to electronic pickup and pay, and there are multiple ways for users to choose.

5. Online payment function

Because the mini program is based on WeChat, if there are products they want to buy, customers can directly enter the purchase.

After selling the goods, the mini program mall also has a series of functions such as order management, order inquiry, order reminder, and delivery management. These functions can make it easier for users to better understand the logistics status.

Therefore, the most basic functions of the mini program mall are these. If one of them is missing, customers will feel very inconvenient, thereby reducing the use of this mini program.

If a merchant wants to use a mini program, he or she can ask the developer to develop it according to the above functions. It is best not to lack them, but you can add some more functions.

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