Development models and solutions for distribution mall mini-programs

Distribution mall applet development and solutions

The development model of the distribution mall mini-program, as the name suggests, means that all WeChat users can apply to become distributors of the mall mini-program and participate in the promotion and publicity of the mall; at the same time, they can also receive certain rewards or coupon rebates after others complete transactions. . The reason why many merchants choose mini programs with distribution functions is that not only can they realize the transfer of sales products from manufacturers to consumers, but they can also achieve certain goals that traditional offline transactions cannot achieve through the WeChat friend relationship chain and rapid dissemination effect of the distribution mall mini program. Unmatched fission effect.

Development models and solutions for distribution mall mini-programs
Distribution Mall Mini Program

1. Fission marketing and interaction on WeChat

The functions and services of the mini program distribution system can be connected to the own WeChat public account to build an Internet traffic and service portal. You can create targeted and exquisite posters for promotion, and learn about the sharing results of different WeChat mini programs through parameter QR codes. Multi-functional marketing tools such as product group shopping, product coupons, fan red envelopes, and lottery draws realize fission marketing communication of courses.

2. Multi-terminal trading experience, full customer coverage

The multi-user mall distribution system allows local consumers to browse the products in the mall anytime, anywhere and in any way, improving shopping convenience and creating a high-quality shopping experience. It integrates mobile phones, WeChat mall, and APP mall.

3. Integrate local merchants

Merchants can sell goods on the e-commerce platform after submitting application materials and being reviewed by the operator. Merchants’ settlement is an effective integration of local merchant resources, which is conducive to the formation of a complete urban e-commerce platform.

4. WeChat applet management

WeChat mini program management, automatically counts and supervises WeChat mini program sales performance, calculates sales revenue, supports customer secondary sales and automatically calculates corresponding performance.

5. Distributor management

Before distributors apply to become distributors, they need to provide relevant basic information. After entering it in the background of the mini program, merchants can manage distributors uniformly and check their distribution team, distribution orders, distribution performance, etc. at any time. Product sales data is clear at a glance.

6. Order management

Merchants can learn about the status of each order through mini program distribution. The mini program will conduct daily and monthly classified statistics on product sales, allowing merchants to grasp the sales status of products, and the order data is clear and clear.

7. Multi-dimensional data analysis and statistical production

Recommend products to users based on the products they have recently previewed, purchased and in the shopping cart to increase the unit price of the mall; at the same time, the system provides multi-dimensional sales data reports, providing merchants with absolutely time-effective decision-making statistical analysis functions to help seize more sales opportunities . No hidden points, full data collection, multi-dimensional flexible analysis, and customized and easy reporting.

8. Complete shopping process and commission settlement function

From product listing to user purchase, from adding shopping cart to settlement, from settlement to online payment, all process links are perfectly integrated with each other, completely comparable to well-known malls. The platform can flexibly use the settlement function between merchants and consumers. It can settle at regular intervals or review settlement after submitting an application. It has a scientific and reasonable settlement data reconciliation function to achieve a convenient marketing dividend settlement method.

After the distribution mall mini program activates the distribution function, both users and merchants will benefit. Users will also have the opportunity to obtain rebates in addition to consumption, so they will rely more on merchants. Merchants can not only harvest highly sticky user groups, but also use WeChat communities With the social advantage of 1 billion users, we can enjoy the marketing results with a reasonable input-output ratio brought by the distribution function. At a time when mobile terminals are almost universally covered, mini-program malls are an excellent carrier for promoting the development of e-commerce, and the distribution function of mini-programs in distribution malls is the most advantageous marketing tool of this carrier.

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