Medical device app software development solutions and functions

With the popularization of the Internet, the shortcomings of the traditional medical device business model have gradually become apparent. The entire industrial chain of the traditional medical device industry is very scattered upstream and downstream, showing the characteristics of “many, small, scattered, and chaotic”. Especially in the middle circulation link, the traditional dealer and agent model has been used for more than 20 years, with scattered channels and reliance on “relationship sales”, resulting in very low industry circulation efficiency. Under the impact of the Internet, development is particularly difficult.

In order to seek new development models and realize the joint development and operation of new and old models of medical devices, the medical device industry has taken a fancy to the huge business opportunities in the mobile phone market and deployed the mobile Internet market through the development of medical device APP application software to find new development opportunities.

Medical device app software development solutions and functions
Medical device APP

1. Medical device APP software development plan

Provide high-quality medical devices at home and abroad

The development of the domestic medical device market has accelerated in recent years, but there is still a certain gap with some medical device products in developed countries. In order to provide users with high-quality and diversified medical device products, companies not only provide users with domestic advanced medical treatment through mobile APP software Device products can also be used to market and promote cost-effective imported medical device products to meet the diversified needs of users. And learn from advanced medical device products to develop more suitable products.

Extending from products to services

Most traditional industries focus more on products than services, and it can even be said that services are minimal, and the medical device industry is no exception. However, with development and progress, people’s needs have changed, and pure products will be unsustainable in the future market. If the medical device industry wants to occupy a certain share of the future market, it needs to extend from products to services and achieve two-way development of products + services. In addition to marketing and promoting medical equipment products, medical device mobile APPs such as that one can also provide corresponding online and offline services to achieve the transformation and upgrading of products + services.

Available for online and offline interoperability

As traditional medical devices have transformed from a single offline channel operation model to today’s omni-channel diversified development of offline channels + online marketing, diversification has resulted in customers not choosing a single way. In order to seize customers from various channels, medical device companies can use mobile APP software for marketing and promotion, while also not forgetting offline customers, and promote medical device mobile APP through offline stores, channels, exhibitions and other marketing and promotion models. The software platform transforms offline customers into online and offline joint customers to avoid the loss of offline customers.

Mobile APP software provides users with offline services, guiding users to enter offline marketing promotions such as exhibitions, have face-to-face conversations, and further understand the quality of medical device products, realizing the exchange of needs between offline and online markets.

Data-based operations

Traditional industries want to understand user behavior and habits and conduct statistical analysis of relevant data. Making corresponding decisions requires a lot of time and energy, and the effect is not yet significant. Medical device mobile APP software development can combine the characteristics of the Internet to intelligently count user visits, purchases, landing pages, bounce rates, etc., and provide decision-making basis based on relevant statistical analysis.

2. Introduction to the main functions of medical device mobile APP software development

Product classification: Quickly manage different product categories through product classification management, which not only facilitates enterprise management but also helps consumers quickly find related products and improves user experience.

Product management: Use product management to perform product modifications, product listings and removals, and other operations to provide users with the latest medical device product information.

Supply and demand management: Provide supply and demand services to users, allowing consumers to automatically publish supply and demand information, allowing companies to respond according to user needs.

Exhibition information: When providing exhibition information through the medical device mobile APP software to promote exhibition information, users can also use the exhibition information to go to the nearest exhibition hall to learn about the experience on-site, promoting the relationship between enterprises and consumers. face-to-face interactions.

News and information: Publish corporate news and domestic and foreign industry-related information through the medical device mobile APP software, allowing consumers to quickly understand industry and company-related information.

Product functions: Medical device companies set product function descriptions and intelligent selections through mobile phone software to satisfy consumers who do not know the product name and search through functions to improve user experience, enhance user stickiness, and promote transaction conversion.

Marketing promotion: Carry out marketing promotion (such as full discounts, red envelopes, points redemption, etc.) through medical device mobile APP software to stimulate consumer purchases and promote conversions.

3. What role does medical device mobile APP software development play for enterprises?

Increase brand awareness and influence

Users’ trust in an enterprise and the amount of marketing of its products and services are affected by the enterprise’s brand awareness and the influence of the brand/enterprise. The development of medical device mobile APP software is conducive to the company’s layout in the Internet market, increasing the company’s impression and role in the minds of users, and is conducive to increasing the company’s visibility and influence, thereby increasing the company’s transaction volume.

Seize Internet traffic

With the rapid development of the Internet, people’s shopping habits have undergone tremendous changes, and online shopping occupies an increasingly important position. The development of medical device mobile APP software enables companies to seize Internet traffic resources and adapts to consumer shopping habits, which is conducive to medical companies seizing the demographic dividend.

Wider marketing channels

The traditional medical device marketing and publicity model cannot meet the ever-increasing changes in consumer demands. Medical device mobile APP software can change the traditional medical device marketing and publicity model. Marketing and promotion through mobile APP software has wider channels, which is conducive to attracting more users.

Let precise customers proactively find the company

The traditional marketing model is mainly door-to-door marketing and publicity, which consumes a lot of time, energy, and labor costs, and the effect is not significant. The development of medical device mobile APP software can quickly lay out the Internet market, allowing consumers to actively find enterprises and enterprise-related medical device products and services through the Internet, allowing enterprises to change from passive to active, and customers can be more precise.

A medical device e-commerce platform that improves the industry’s transaction efficiency and reduces transaction costs through heavy vertical integration of upstream and downstream resources for medical devices. By establishing a database of products, manufacturers, distributors and terminals, we can seize procurement needs, help customers achieve precise marketing, improve the transaction rate of the entire industry, and the circulation efficiency of the industry, and achieve the goal of “making medical device procurement easier”! Combining the online + offline service model, it provides professional, low-cost “one-stop product supply” services for small and medium-sized medical device dealers and private medical institutions. At the same time, with the help of the Internet, we will establish the most complete and accurate customer database in the industry, providing brand manufacturers with a more accurate, efficient, nationwide, and low-cost product promotion and sales channel.

In the medical device industry, under the influence of the Internet, the construction of e-commerce platforms has become a choice that the medical device industry has to face. Its role is reflected in all aspects. The construction and development of high-quality medical device e-commerce platforms can bring great benefits to enterprises. The value is unpredictable.

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