What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

Original title: What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

The emergence of WeChat mini programs has greatly affected the amount of app development. Mini program development is completed directly on WeChat, which brings great challenges to native app development. In contrast, the advantages of mini program development are very obvious. So what homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

Familiar with the basic framework

What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

Because the current mainstream small program development language is Swift, vuex and vue-router are mostly used in vuejs projects. It is also common to use postcss and webpack under the express framework. Therefore, in addition to the development language, we also need to do our homework on other basic knowledge, such as: data structure, modularization, caching, cross-terminal support, etc.

Native development method

What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

The solution for mini programs should be in line with the android ecosystem. Mini programs support the development of native apps. This is unavoidable when we are engaged in mini program development, but it does not mean that we can omit the native development framework. For example, the h5 components in the mini program directly inherit from app-ui, and can be packaged into a native package using app_ui.h5 and used directly on Android. There are also app-ui used in the development of small programs, so it will be simpler if the small program project is developed in native way in the early stage of development.

In addition, if we package the native components into a mini program package, the mini program will automatically call the native api after being introduced, just like the native app, so it is guaranteed that the mini program can be used in the native ecosystem in the future.

Consider mini program performance

What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

An applet is a complete application and has many advantages over native apps. The biggest advantage is that it can be used without downloading and installation, which minimizes the developer’s traffic usage, reduces the user’s learning cost, and thus improves the user experience. The mini program itself is based on h5 technology, so when we use the mini program, we should ensure the simplicity of development to facilitate our development. For example, we only need to wrap h5 on the page, and then replace the content of the h5 page with the content required by the mini program.

We need to uniformly design mini programs based on their characteristics to improve development efficiency. When the mini program is first launched, it needs to be reviewed, and developers must prepare their ID card information, address information, etc. After passing the review, we also need to consider the performance of the mini program. We need to design the mini program, such as using the 3D scanning function provided by WeChat, animoji, etc. to avoid manual operations. When we complete the launch of the mini program and manage access rights to WeChat, we need to bind the mini program to some accounts that need to be registered to ensure that we require user authentication before using the mini program. After we understand the performance of the mini program through performance testing and data feedback, we can sort out a set of reasonable performance improvement plans.

How to promote mini programs

What homework should be done before developing WeChat mini programs?

There are various promotion methods, such as promoting mini programs in WeChat groups, Moments, and other social platforms. In addition, you can also use the “jump” function of the mini program to set the normal game sequence on the mini program, and place the mini program at the forefront of the game to allow users to play the game.

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