Shanghai WeChat Development Company: Functions that WeChat Official Accounts Need to Develop

WeChat official account is a very popular social platform, which provides a wealth of functions and services to meet the various needs of users.

The development of WeChat official account involves many aspects, including menu, message reply, template message, material management, user management, data statistics, WeChat payment and small program access, etc. Developers can choose appropriate functions to develop according to their own needs, so as to provide users with a better service experience.

New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development company, will introduce to you some necessary functions that need to be developed for WeChat public accounts.

Shanghai WeChat Development Company: Functions that WeChat Official Accounts Need to Develop

1. Customize menu

Developers can create custom menus according to their own needs, so that users can quickly access various functions. For example, you can create click menus, jump links, scan code events, etc.

2. Message reply

Developers can set different reply content according to the type of message received. For example, text messages, picture messages, audio messages, etc. can be replied.

3. Template message

Developers can use template messages to send fixed-format notifications to users. For example, it can be used to send order confirmations, logistics reminders, event notifications, etc.

4. Material management

Developers can upload and manage rich materials, including pictures, audio, video, etc. These materials can be used when replying to messages or posting graphic messages.

5. User Management

Developers can obtain the basic information of users and perform group management. It is also possible to push messages to specific users according to their specific needs.

6. Statistics

Developers can use the data statistics function provided by the WeChat public platform to understand user usage, number of followers, message interaction, etc. These data can help developers optimize the operating strategy of official accounts.

7. WeChat Pay

Developers can access the WeChat payment function to realize the function of online payment. For example, users can complete operations such as purchasing goods and recharging through the official account.

8. WeChat applet access

Developers can associate their WeChat Mini Programs with Official Accounts to realize data sharing and interaction between the two.

For more information on WeChat official account development, please contact New Mileage Technology Customer Service

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