Shanghai mini program mall development: what are the common functions of the mall mini program

Development of Mini Program Mall has gradually become the online transformation of traditional merchants new weapon. Compared with traditional offline malls, mall applets have more advantages, such as being free from time, region, season and other factors, allowing transactions anytime, anywhere

The mall applet itself is a social e-commerce platform developed based on WeChat. With the recognition and help of WeChat, it is also very conducive to building the brand effect of the merchant. Therefore, merchants should make full use of the resources and channels in their hands, so that users can not only consume in the mall, but also help us promote.

Professional Mall Mini Program Development Company New Mileage to chat with you: What are the common functions of Mini Program Mall

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Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development
Shanghai Mini Program Mall development

What are the common functions of Mini Program Mall

Mini program mall product display function

To make a mall applet, product display is a must. All products will be displayed to users on the product display function page, so that users can further understand the products and facilitate users to view Product information, increase user order rate.

Mini program mall online customer service function

Users will inevitably have some questions during the shopping process. At this time, an online customer service function is required, so that users can directly contact customers, and customers can answer questions for users. Not only improve user experience, but also increase user purchase rate.

Mini program shopping cart function

Users see the products they like through the product display, directly add them to the shopping cart, and then make further selections.

Mini program mall logistics function

The logistics function is an essential function in the mall applet. There are generally four methods of logistics functions: merchant delivery, intra-city delivery within a limited time, store self-pickup, and cash on delivery. Which method to choose specifically can be determined by the merchant according to the actual situation.

Mini program mall online payment function

Online order payment function, users see their favorite products through product display, buy them directly and place orders through WeChat payment. But to activate the payment function, you need to apply for the payment interface.

Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development
Shanghai Mini Program Mall Development

Mini program store order management function

Order query
After placing an order and paying, users are more concerned about when their products will arrive in their hands. At this time, they need an order query function, which can provide order query and logistics query and other information. It is not only convenient for users to inquire, but also convenient for merchants to do sales statistics and data analysis.

Order Reminder
When the user successfully places an order, there should be an order reminder function.

Shipment Management
Merchants can view store invoices through delivery management, and stores can deliver orders for distribution. It can support batch printing of delivery orders, express orders, unpacking shipments, batch import shipments, and also supports individual and batch marking of orders to avoid unnecessary errors.

Mini Program Store Customer Management Function

Customer management can view all customer information of the store, and can also group customers, and different groups can enjoy different discounts. Customer management is mainly to manage members. Customer management can set membership card function, membership level, points, member recharge, member sign-in, member export, import and other functions. Member resources can be fully utilized.

Mini Program Mall Marketing Function

As a mall applet, the marketing plug-in is an artifact for merchants to make profits. The marketing functions include coupons, limited-time discounts, group buying, price bargaining, distribution, flash sales, points mall, community group buying, recharge, etc. Merchants need to make good use of these marketing functions to maximize their commercial value.

Financial functions of Mini Program Mall

Financial functions mainly include transaction details, financial situation, WeChat rewards and customer cash withdrawal. Wechat rewards and customer cash withdrawal are mainly the distribution function of the mall mini program. To activate the distribution function, a financial data analysis function for wechat rewards and customer cash withdrawal is required.

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