A brief discussion on the development trend of clothing e-commerce mini programs

A brief discussion on the development trend of clothing e-commerce mini programs

In recent years, the development of the e-commerce industry has caused “severe business losses” to physical merchants in all walks of life, and the clothing industry is no exception. Therefore, many clothing merchants have also poured into the e-commerce industry to develop. However, due to the recent It has become increasingly difficult for traditional e-commerce platforms to obtain public traffic, which has prevented most clothing merchants from gaining more room for profit growth, leading to stagnation. The launch of mini programs in 2017 has allowed clothing merchants to see new and different things. Opportunities, today the editor will briefly talk about what are the development trends of e-commerce mini programs in recent years?

A brief discussion on the development trend of clothing e-commerce mini programs
Mini program development

1. Private domain traffic will be the main focus: As we all know, obtaining public domain traffic requires merchants to invest a lot of money, and it will not always have the desired effect, but they have to invest, making it increasingly difficult for many small and medium-sized enterprises and individual merchants to operate. , but it is possible to build private domain traffic in mini programs, and in the next few years, private domain traffic will become the “core competitiveness” of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual merchants, providing new help in acquiring traffic.

2. Assisted by diversified marketing: The mini program has diversified marketing functions, allowing merchants to easily market to obtain new traffic from fans, and can also use WeChat or QQ to create communities to maintain new and old users while creating precise targets. user groups, which can not only attract fans through marketing activities, but also promote brands for clothing, establish a certain brand image, and establish a certain foundation for clothing brands. Therefore, the trend of small and medium-sized brands will become increasingly prominent in the next few years.

3. Integration of online and offline live streaming: Live streaming has also been one of the trends in recent years. Therefore, the function of live streaming is indispensable for the clothing industry. E-commerce mini-programs have launched live streaming functions in 2020. Merchants can use the community to pre-heat the live broadcast to attract fans to watch in the live broadcast room. For offline physical clothing stores, they can use the clothing e-commerce mini program to live broadcast to attract customers to convert orders, so that sales are not limited due to space constraints. Unprofitable situations occur, so it is not difficult to see that in the next few years, live streaming and integrating online and offline sales will be a new sales model.

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