• NFT digital collections: six issues you must understand when playing with digital collections

    Some issues you must understand about NFT Overall, the supply of overseas NFT markets exceeds demand. The complete liberalization of the secondary market has led to the concentration of transaction volume on a few projects, and the sales popularity of specific NFT projects is different from that of their creators. There are strong uncertainties related to the popularity, project operation mechanism, event marketing and other factors. At the same time, digital collection trading platforms endorsed by domestic authorities have low product release frequency, low pricing, and have not opened the…

  • What are digital collections? Metaverse is not equal to digital collections

    There are no specific statistics on the total transaction volume of domestic digital collection products in the art and game industries, but judging from the revenue of major players in the past year, this number may exceed expectations. In 2021, starting from the two payment code digital collection skins of “Dunhuang Feitian” and “Nine-Colored Deer”, Alibaba has issued more than 40 sets of digital collections through Whale Explorer, with a total circulation of about 3 million copies and sales of nearly 40 million. . We’ve already seen massive adoption of…