Is the WeChat mini program only created by Tencent to attack Alibaba?

Is the WeChat mini program only created by Tencent to attack Alibaba?

So far, since the “bonus period” of WeChat official accounts in 2013, which led to a group of grassroots getting rich, it has gradually begun to be bad news from 2015 to 2017. However, due to the emergence of WeChat mini programs in 2017, Tencent has also WeChat has taken the most important step to strengthen the overall ecosystem of WeChat, and the “secret war” between Alibaba and Tencent has also been triggered by the development of mini programs. So why do you say this? Let’s talk about this topic below.

1. Tencent beat Alibaba to develop WeChat mini programs

The WeChat mini program started testing around 2016 and was launched in early 2017. However, Alibaba’s payment mini program was only launched in mid-2018, which means that Alibaba’s mini program development time It lags behind, but the development purpose of the WeChat mini program is different. The Alipay mini program will focus more on the long-term development of business. However, as of 2021, we only look at the mini program as a product. The Alipay mini program has not actually integrated the mini program under the same platform. Are you hungry? With support, Ali is still lagging behind in this “secret war” that started from development.

2. Alibaba narrows the gap and increases user penetration rate

But it must be mentioned that as of 2021, although Alipay mini programs are still lagging behind, they are still chasing each other to catch up with WeChat mini programs, so they have been directly connected to Taobao, Tmall and other e-commerce apps since their launch. It has brought huge user traffic and merchants to the Alipay mini program, and has also quickly attracted many users of the Alipay mini program in a short period of time. However, the main purpose of the Alipay mini program is in e-commerce, and from the perspective of user use It is said that it will be more focused on the credit sector of citizen services such as water and electricity.

3. Hema Taobao special offer and Xianyudu check-in mini program

In 2020, with the arrival of Hema, Taobao Special Inspection, and Xianyu, this also shows that Ali now has to obtain external traffic to seize users under the strong “sniping” of major e-commerce companies. After all, last year’s user scale statistics were so low Compared with the 780 million users of Duoduo e-commerce platform, the number of users of Alibaba e-commerce platform is as high as 9 million. This also means that the e-commerce giant will no longer be monopolized by Alibaba, and the Alipay applet may not have the actual effect that Alibaba expected. And feeling anxious, it can be said that Tencent is still one step ahead in this commercial “secret war” of small programs.

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