Sharing system development-how can a physical store make a good shared store?

What is a shared store? First of all, if you want to do this shared store, you have to be willing to take out the shares, which means that your share will be given to everyone. If you can’t even do this, then it’s completely useless. There is no way to continue. Let me introduce you to the shared store.

Sharing system development-how can a physical store make a good shared store?
Shared store

For example, if you recharge 2,000 yuan in my store and then consume it yourself and your friends, you can get 10% commission and rebate. If you recharge 5,000 yuan, it is 20% rebate and commission, and 10,000 yuan is 50% rebate and commission. This 50% is 50% of the net profit. Remember, it must be 50% of the net profit.

Some bosses may think, if I divide all this profit, my rent, my employees, how to calculate the cost? Don’t think about that. If these shareholders bring you customers and people, won’t your money also come? Although you make less money, more people will serve you. Isn’t this a good way?

Of course, my business model is very good, but now many people have also thought about this business model, and a question comes to mind: I put the money with you, how do you give me a share? Can you remember every one of you? How do you define who this shareholder is? How do I make sure my customer is my customer?

This doesn’t matter, because we have now built a system, which is a small program similar to a distribution system, or a public account mall, which can be done.

Now let’s talk about how to distribute. For example, I am a shareholder in this mall. I take out my QR code and let my friends around me scan it. After scanning, the friend will become a subordinate of me. He is always bound, bound for life. After the binding, all his consumption is related to me.

If I am a shareholder of 2,000, I will get a 10% share. If I am a shareholder of 10,000, I will get a 50% share. This is what a system can do.

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