• What are digital collections? Metaverse is not equal to digital collections

    There are no specific statistics on the total transaction volume of domestic digital collection products in the art and game industries, but judging from the revenue of major players in the past year, this number may exceed expectations. In 2021, starting from the two payment code digital collection skins of “Dunhuang Feitian” and “Nine-Colored Deer”, Alibaba has issued more than 40 sets of digital collections through Whale Explorer, with a total circulation of about 3 million copies and sales of nearly 40 million. . We’ve already seen massive adoption of…

  • It is very important to choose the right data storage platform, how to choose?

    The digital platform objectively reflects the prosperity of the digital Tibetan industry. Now is not the best time to enter the game, but you must know that digital collections are a new thing, and it is better to know it first than later. However, there are currently many exchanges emerging on the market, which will significantly increase the risk index that players who join in the future will have to bear. Therefore, choosing the right data collection platform becomes crucial. Which data collection platforms can be considered? 1. Background and…

  • What is a blockchain digital collection? What is the value?

    In the specific application of blockchain, digital collections occupy a large proportion. So what is a blockchain digital collection? What is the value? 1. What is a blockchain digital collection? The Credible Blockchain Promotion Plan points out that blockchain digital collections are digital works, works of art and commodities that use blockchain technology to confirm the ownership of rights and interests through unique identification, and can mark their owners in the blockchain network, and Subsequent transfers are traceable, including but not limited to digital pictures, music, videos, electronic tickets, digital…