Flexible employment system development – What is the contract signed by the enterprise and the flexible employment personnel?

I found that everyone’s misunderstanding about flexible employment is actually very deep, because whenever it is mentioned, everyone seems to subconsciously think that flexible employment does not require signing a contract, but in fact, on the contrary, flexible employment requires signing a contract, because it is It is a formal employment method recognized and supported by the state. Of course, the state will use contracts to protect flexible workers. Since everyone is not very clear about it, let’s take a look at it below.

Flexible employment system development - What is the contract signed by the enterprise and the flexible employment personnel?
Flexible employment

In fact, if you know more about it, you will find that in recent years, the country has been very supportive of the development of flexible employment. For this reason, it has also introduced many policies that are beneficial to flexible employment. If you do not sign a contract in labor relations, you will not be punished. If flexible employment is recognized by the labor law and means not signing a contract, then how can the country still support this employment method?

However, because flexible employment platforms have developed rapidly in recent years, many pseudo-flexible employment platforms have emerged. After some companies sign flexible employment service contracts with the platforms, they use real labor methods in the actual employment process. Managing employees with flexible employment is no different from formal full-time employment.

Especially in the past two years, this bad phenomenon has become more and more common. From a practical point of view, flexible employment is a new employment method that companies can choose to reduce costs by optimizing the company’s internal employment structure. Increase efficiency and avoid certain labor risks.

However, in order to reduce these costs, we cannot try to avoid the responsibilities that an enterprise should bear for labor and employment by forcing labor employment to be flexible, and forcefully reduce costs to do this incorrect thing. This will reduce the satisfaction of flexible employment personnel with the company and bring unnecessary disputes to the company, which is not conducive to the company’s operations.

The correct use of flexible employment should allow individuals to freely choose working hours and work content, and companies can reduce a certain amount of employee burden and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both parties. This is a truly good method.

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