Shared store system – What is the framework of the shared store system?

Don’t you still know what a shared store is? Shared stores are so popular and profitable now, so what are the ways to play shared stores?

Shared store system - What is the framework of the shared store system?
Shared store system

If you are also doing business, there must be some groups around you who will not do business if they have money and no projects, but they really want to make money. They may be your relatives, friends or even your old customers.

These groups are very high-quality resources. They may not come to your store to consume, but they can still pay you because they are customers who invest in entrepreneurship and are more important than consumer customers.

How exactly is it done?

Just change your thinking and build your store into a shared platform, shared beauty salon, shared restaurant, shared gym or even shared supermarket, etc.

As long as you open a store, no matter what it is, you must add the word “sharing” in front of it. If there are 48 shared shareholders to run your store with you, and you are the only controlling shareholder, then these 48 shared shareholders At the same time, it can help you split multiple customers and form a community of interests.

This way your business can be better and they can realize their desire to make money.

So, let’s share a framework of sharing mode.

Because many bosses don’t know how to operate the sharing mode. So now I give you a simple shared mode framework for your reference.

First, how much to charge.

Second, how much do you get?

Third, how much to give.

Fourth, how much do you do.

Fifth, how much you earn.

Let me give you a simple example. There is a casual bar. You can become a shared shareholder by recharging 10,000 yuan. Then you will get a consumption amount of 11,000 yuan, and at the same time, you will be given a gift bag worth 10,000 yuan, and you will be given a gift bag. Hundreds of dividend membership cards, then you can give these dividend membership cards to your friends.

Share these dividend membership cards and you can earn commissions after they spend money.

The dividend model has been used very effectively in physical stores, especially in first- and second-tier cities. You only need to provide your products and services, and simply make some changes.

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