NFT technology: Where will NFT development go in the future?

The market is always looking for new investment targets and new implementation scenarios. Judging from the current development of the blockchain industry, NFT is likely to be a door to the future.

At the same time, as the popularity of NFT in China is getting higher and higher, some negative news has also begun to appear. But this is all understandable. After all, everything has two sides. If it is too perfect, ordinary people will not dare to touch it.

NFT technology: Where will NFT development go in the future?
NFT technology

Where will NFT development go in the future?

This year is a popular year for NFT, so some people call this year the first year of NFT.

In fact, the concept of NFT was proposed and tried to be made as early as 2017, but it was not called NFT, but cryptocurrency, so it is not an exaggeration to say that cryptocurrency is the predecessor of NFT.

But there is a reason why NFT was not really made at that time:

1. There is no experience to draw from in terms of technical logic, and it will not be favored if developed;

2. At that time, the blockchain market was obsessed with other blockchain projects, such as blockchain games or exchanges, and a series of mainstream projects. Naturally, no one paid attention to NFT. Moreover, for a product that had not been made, the market was also limited. give up.

With the NFT boom this year, it is mainly due to the breakthrough of blockchain technology and the accumulation of cryptocurrency experience in recent years that NFT has been developed. Now NFT is mainly used in artworks and games. Of course, these two categories include other Small categories, such as artwork, can involve music, photos, paintings, etc.

The form of casting can be audio, pictures, videos, etc. The threshold for creating NFT is so low that ordinary players can also participate. This is one of the reasons why NFT is so popular. Another reason is that due to the impact of the epidemic, many offline trading scenarios cannot be carried out, but traditional e-commerce cannot meet these scenarios, so NFT provides a trading platform for most artworks, and the circulation of goods is carried out with fidelity. .

The direction of NFT development in the future will be closely related to our digital economic development model, starting from copyright, real estate, education and other fields.

Prior to this, NFT still needs to continuously optimize its internal mechanism to prevent the growth of more bubbles.

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