Distribution system development-12 assessment criteria for level promotion in WeChat distribution mall

Distribution system development丨12 assessment criteria for level promotion in WeChat distribution mall

The level of commission refers to how many people get paid. For example, if we are doing secondary distribution, then two people will get the commission.

The level of commission is a matter of how much money you get. Generally, when we make a model, we will set three to five levels for promotion.

So the question is, what conditions must be met before a junior can be promoted to an intermediate level, and an intermediate level can be promoted to a senior level?

Distribution system development-12 assessment criteria for level promotion in WeChat distribution mall
Distribution system

The editor summarized 12 conditions for promotion. These conditions can allow him to meet one of the conditions, or meet several of the conditions to be promoted.

1. You can assess his total commission income. This commission includes first-level commissions, second-level commissions, direct referrals and indirect referrals. If your commission reaches the set standards, you can be promoted.

2. You can assess the total amount of orders. This is the total amount of orders. As a distributor, how many orders you have pushed and how much performance this order has produced, I can compete for you.

3. You can assess the total amount of orders brought by distributors. This is the assessment of the order commissions of your direct distributors and indirect distributors.

Four. You can assess the number of orders, which are your direct referrals and indirect referrals. It doesn’t matter how much the amount is. As long as the number of orders is reached, you can be promoted. This is also used as an assessment. of.

5. You can assess a distributor’s points, because points come from many sources, such as points for following, points for consumption, points for promotion, points for likes, etc. The more points you have, the more points you have. The activity level will be relatively high, and assessing your points is also a condition for achieving a promotion.

6. You can be promoted according to the number of distributors you develop. The number of distributors includes the distributors I recommend directly and the distributors I recommend indirectly. These distributors, they There are actually conditions for promotion. Some distributors apply for free, which may not be convenient for assessment. So we can also segment distributors.

7. You can directly assess the number of direct distributors, that is, how many people you have directly promoted. For example, in the 2+1 linkage model, you can directly promote two people for promotion.

For example, if you directly recommend two people, you will become an intermediate level, and if you directly recommend ten people, you will become an advanced level.

8. You can assess indirect distributors. How many distributors have these people you directly recommended developed for your assessment? Usually, this is where the indirect distributors are assessed during the top-level assessment, because they are about to become a team.

9. The number of lower-level members can be assessed. There are still some differences between members and distributors. Generally speaking, a distributor is a type of member, so the member may not have the authority to distribute, but the member has the ability to consume, so the more consumers you lock in as a member, then you can promote orders here The amount will naturally increase. If you become a team leader in the future, your team performance may be higher, so we will sometimes assess the number of consumer members you have locked in.

10. You can assess the number of orders from your direct subordinates. The direct subordinates are the lower limit of your direct promotion, and the number of orders from them is used as the assessment standard.

Eleven. You can take the same level test, which is more commonly used. For example, if you are a junior distributor now, if you recommend two juniors, you will become an intermediate, and two intermediates will become Advanced, so that he can be promoted according to the promotion of his lower limit level.

12. You can assess his purchasing ability. For example, when we set some modes, we need to screen them first. Some distributors need to purchase products before they can become distributors.

For example, if you buy a product for 1,000 yuan, it will become a junior product, if you buy a product for 3,000 yuan, it will become an intermediate product, and if you buy a product for 5,000 yuan, it will become a high-level product.

So we use the amount of this purchase as a progress standard.

The above is a condition setting standard for the promotion of 12 distributors, for your reference only.

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