• Mini program development: What are the functions of membership points mini program development?

    The Member Points Mini Program is an application software specially developed for enterprises or merchants to help them better manage and operate the Member Points system. It provides users with convenient membership services and points management by combining the mobile Internet with the membership system. Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some common functions in the development of membership points applet. 1. Member registration and login The member points applet first needs to implement the member registration and login functions. Users can quickly register as…

  • Distribution system development-12 assessment criteria for level promotion in WeChat distribution mall

    Distribution system development丨12 assessment criteria for level promotion in WeChat distribution mall The level of commission refers to how many people get paid. For example, if we are doing secondary distribution, then two people will get the commission. The level of commission is a matter of how much money you get. Generally, when we make a model, we will set three to five levels for promotion. So the question is, what conditions must be met before a junior can be promoted to an intermediate level, and an intermediate level can…