Eight steps for mini program development

Original title: Eight steps for mini program development

1. First of all, before making a mini program, we need to know what the needs of our mini program are. In addition, the overall budget of the mini program and the approximate production cycle plan.

2. The other is to understand what language our production will be developed in, and the production cycle will not be used accordingly, because the safety of the program mainly depends on the ability of the technical personnel and the security of the server. Security is always relative. a concept.

Eight steps for mini program development

3. Comparison. Before choosing a mini program production company, you can find several mini program production companies to analyze the mini programs for you. With the expertise of the mini program production companies, you will save a lot of trouble and time. What you need to distinguish is Whichever of their words is true is fine.

4. Check the domain name to see if the owner of the domain name is you. In addition, please note that the domain name is renewed annually and is hosted by the service provider. If you are busy and forget it, you may not be able to open the mini program.

5. Mini program SEO optimization. At present, many salesmen will tell you that the small programs we make have built-in optimization functions, and the code is just a foundation. Specifically, we will build a house on top of it. Whether the house looks good or not, we have to have dedicated operators to do this. thing.

6. Choose a space. After the mini program is created, there must be a virtual space or server to store our mini program. When choosing the size of the space, we must choose according to the actual situation of our mini program. It does not need to be too big, but it cannot be too small.

7. Mini program filing. After the mini program is completed, it needs to be filed before it goes online. The fast filing process takes half a month, and the slow filing process is not to mention slow. In fact, this is normal. So, after we complete the mini program, can we still go online? It depends on when the mini program registration will be released, so you can also put the mini program registration schedule up in the early stages of mini program production.

8. After-sales service. In fact, this is also an important point. It is impossible not to make small adjustments after the small program is completed. This must be reflected in the contract for the production of the mini program. In addition, you cannot choose one with unguaranteed technology just because it is cheap. In this way, someone will make the mini program for you in the early stage, but in the later stage, you only need to modify one function. It will be more expensive than doing a small program.

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