Distribution system development – Do you know how micro-business sells goods?

You must have heard a lot about micro-business, because micro-business has been something that many people have been doing in the past two years, but do you know how micro-business sells goods?

Distribution system development - Do you know how micro-business sells goods?
Micro-business system

In fact, the orderer model is also called the micro-business model. The essence of the model is just one sentence: Different levels earn price differences, and the same level gets the same level of subsidies.

What does this sentence mean?

It’s a high-level recommendation, and the low-level earns the difference in purchase price for each level. The purchase price for each level is different.

For example, the top orderer A recommends, and the second-level orderers must recommend it. The third-level orderer C, the recommended distributor recommends the consumer F. The top orderer a gets the product for 40 yuan, and the second-level orderer must get it. The price of the goods is 60 yuan. The purchase price of the goods from the third-level orderer C is 70 yuan. The commission for direct promotion is 13 yuan and the commission for indirect promotion is 2 yuan.

Consumer F spends 100 yuan to purchase. If the distribution commission is set to be paid out of the orderer’s price difference, then the commission for top orderer A is the purchase price of orderer B minus the purchase price of top orderer A, which is 60 yuan minus 40. Yuan is equal to 20 yuan. The commission for secondary orderer B is the purchase price of orderer C minus the purchase price of orderer B, which is 70 yuan minus 60 yuan, which equals ten yuan. The commission for orderer C is the sales volume of 100 yuan minus the order. Merchant C gets the goods for 70 yuan minus direct commission of 3 yuan minus indirect commission of 2 yuan, which equals 25 yuan.

In fact, this is easy to calculate. As long as you understand the logic, you can calculate it.

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