Shared Management System-What are the specific advantages of shared tea space?

Compared with traditional tea rooms, what are the specific advantages of shared tea spaces?

Shared Management System-What are the specific advantages of shared tea space?
Shared management system

First of all, we need to understand what problems exist with traditional tea now.

Traditional tea shops first need more than two full-time tea masters, and the products also need to be perfect. Therefore, the pure pressure is relatively high, and the operating time is also limited. In terms of decoration and asset investment, it is also relatively large, and it is basically asset-heavy. Invest.

My Shared Tea Room is based on the combination of the Internet and smart devices. It does not require a storekeeper or a full-time tea artist. We can carry out activities and make tea appointments through small programs.

There is no need to have any inventory pressure when making an appointment with a tea sommelier. We only need to connect with the supply chain manufacturers and sell through the online system of the shared tea room, or purchase through vending machines. Moreover, we can also use the now popular live broadcast. To achieve our traffic and sales, more importantly, the operating time is not limited, and we can also achieve our 24-hour marketing.

Shared teahouses are also relatively simple and exquisite in decoration style. They have a short store opening cycle, small investment and fast return rate. They can realize experiential marketing of traditional tea shops and can also be combined with the current Internet to achieve comprehensive online and offline marketing plans.

So what is the market potential of shared tea rooms?

During the epidemic last year, many shared tea rooms were quietly opened across the country. This year, more shared tea rooms will appear, and shared tea rooms will gradually become a standard feature in every city.

Shared tea rooms have just begun to take off, and the market is not saturated enough. In the future, I believe that shared tea rooms will continue to develop, replicate and expand in this city. I will seize the opportunity to become the leader of shared tea rooms.

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