Unmanned supermarket APP development solution

In the current Internet era, unmanned retail is slowly becoming popular. The unmanned supermarket APP was born with the times, realizing the improvement and upgrade of unmanned supermarkets through intelligence.

Unmanned supermarket APP development solution
Unmanned supermarket

Unmanned supermarket APP development solution

1. Online control of in-store equipment

Generally speaking, unmanned supermarkets are not managed by anyone inside, and they need some smart equipment on the platform to help with daily operations and maintenance. These service equipment include some checkout counters, monitored goods, smart door locks, etc. Because these devices are classified into many categories and have complete styles, it is necessary to use unmanned supermarket APP development to achieve multi-device control.

2. Promotional activities

When customers go to the payment office for goods, they can pay through the unmanned payment channel, and then complete the payment for their purchases. The unmanned supermarket will settle the price based on the scan of the goods, and customers will pay through Alipay, WeChat and other methods.

3. Quick scan code payment function

Customers can view some products in unmanned supermarkets through the platform, including information about products currently on sale, production dates or prices, etc. When customers go to the store to purchase, they only need to place the products at the checkout. Just scan the QR code at the desk, and quick payment settlement can save customers’ purchasing time. When customers want to go out after completing their shopping or if they don’t have what they want to buy, they can scan the QR code to open the supermarket door and go out.

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