What are the classifications of Internet marketing programs?

The Internet marketing plan is to provide better marketing strategies for enterprises.

What are the classifications of Internet marketing programs?
Internet marketing plan

Classification of Internet Marketing Programs

When formulating an Internet marketing plan, it can be classified according to the marketing purpose of the enterprise, and different Internet marketing plans can be customized according to the specific purpose.

1. Corporate brand image improvement plan

Some small and medium-sized enterprises hope to improve their brand image through the Internet.

With the development of the Internet, some small and medium-sized enterprises need to increase their popularity and maintain their brand image through the Internet. Even if they don’t sell online, developing this type of online marketing plan needs to improve the brand image of the client and the brand image of the enterprise in the industry.

2. Network sales channel development plan

In view of the fact that traditional enterprises sell their products through the Internet, but due to lack of experience, this kind of Internet marketing plan is customized for enterprise product sales.

Now is the Internet age, and even traditional enterprises have begun to go online and set up their own official websites, which is also a way to promote and build their own brands.

Even some companies engaged in heavy industry have opened their own product display websites. Maybe they can’t sell directly online, but they start to buy offline, which is one of the online sales channels. Almost any company can open such a sales channel on the Internet.

3. Enterprise service promotion plan

Customized to provide after-sales or pre-sales consultation for physical customers.

At present, many physical store customers have such needs. Physical stores need to provide after-sales and pre-sales services for new and old customers. For these customers, they need to establish a fast and convenient communication platform solution for the enterprise.

4. Reasonable comprehensive marketing plan

A comprehensive online marketing solution for the above three needs or other needs.

For such customers, it is necessary to provide a series of strategic solutions, enhance the corporate brand image, open corporate network sales channels, improve corporate services, and plan reasonable network marketing solutions.

Network marketing is also very noteworthy for some entrepreneurial teams. Many entrepreneurial teams do not pay attention to this aspect, which leads to difficulties in development and even dissolution. A good internet marketing plan can make things quick and easy.

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