Introduction to relevant information about app custom development

What do you need to prepare before APP development? 1. Have your business license ready.

2. To register a domain name and file it,

3. Of course you need to buy a server. Generally, you can choose Alibaba Cloud or Tencent Cloud.

4. You need to apply for software copyright, because if the APP is to be put on the Android market, you need to provide proof of software copyright.

5. You need to apply for and open a third-party related account. If you want to put it on the Apple market, you also need to apply for an Apple developer account. If the APP has a payment function, you also need to apply for WeChat payment and Alipay payment interfaces. If the software has SMS function, you also need to apply for SMS interface. If the software needs to have logistics synchronization function, you also need to apply for logistics interface.

The above five points are the relevant matters that need to be prepared before APP development. I hope everyone can make more preparations to avoid pitfalls.

Introduction to relevant information about app custom development
APP development

Is there such a big price difference between custom software and template software?

Business: 80,000 for custom development of your system, 6,000 for a template. Which one do you want?

Customer: Why is customization so much more expensive than templates?

Business: Let me give you an analogy. Just like if you are going to participate in a talent show, customization is equivalent to asking a designer to tailor-make clothes that suit you, while a template is to directly give you a set of clothes that others have worn.

The relevant information about APP customization development will be shared here first. If you also have app development related needs, you can contact the app customization development company and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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