Why develop a city life APP?

In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have brought huge changes to everyone’s lives, and at the same time, they also provide everyone with more business opportunities. Self-media, knowledge payment, takeout delivery, sharing economy, social e-commerce, short video, community e-commerce, etc. are all developing rapidly. After years of development, traffic in major first-tier cities has been basically fixed, so many companies have turned their attention to third- and fourth-tier cities and county areas.

Why develop a city life APP?
City Life APP

Developing a city life app has become a very good entrepreneurial project. Do you know why you should develop a city life app?

1. What is City Life App?

The City Life app integrates the city’s merchant services, news information, social interactions, second-hand transactions, takeout delivery, etc. on one mobile phone.

Through the mobile app, users can control the city’s food, drink, entertainment and other activities at one hand to meet the living needs of locals in the new era.

A city life link can move the people, information and business of the whole city to its own app. Although the county is small, it can cover all aspects.

Because these areas are relatively closed, it is difficult for traditional Internet giants to sink their channels.

What functions does a city life app need to have?

1. News information: How many people are watching local TV stations now? When you open the news and information section of the City Life app, you can view the major and minor events happening around you, which is very convenient. You can also comment, interact, share and forward, etc.

2. Local mall: Gather merchants from all over the city to place orders online and wait for them to be delivered to your door. Gather local merchants and shop for everything.

3. Service appointment: Massage, moving and freight, nanny, maintenance and cleaning, etc. Use the app to filter by reviews, distance, price, etc., and make an appointment for a home time, which is convenient and fast.

4. Information release:Users can publish second-hand transactions, job recruitment, pet transactions, local information, etc.

5. House rental: New houses, second-hand houses, rentals, sales, etc. The platform integrates information to facilitate users to view and trade, which is equivalent to having your own Lianjia.

6. Hitchhiking: Publish rideshare information in real time to facilitate everyone’s life.

7. Convenient information: Deliver gas, deliver drinking water, lock opening, waste recycling, computer repair, etc. City Yellow Pages, a must-have for daily life.

8. Community forum: You can establish forums with different themes such as photography, making friends, fishing, dating, car clubs, etc. Everyone can post freely to communicate and interact, and you can also add friends to each other. There are also more detailed functional modules, such as event marketing, making friends and chats, form questionnaires, etc., to fully meet the daily life needs of everyone in a city.

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