What basic functions should be possessed when developing an animation APP?

Basic functional analysis of animation app development

Animation has always been very popular among young people. Many people like to watch animation to pass the time in their free time. This has also led many companies to see business opportunities and invest in the development of animation apps, allowing users to watch animation more conveniently and let them own it. Better viewing experience.

In the past, you could only watch anime on the website, but now you can watch it on the mobile app. So what are the basic functions of animation app development?

What basic functions should be possessed when developing an animation APP?
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1. Comic categories, just like movie categories: romance, fantasy, superpower, horror, drama, science fiction, suspense, fantasy, adventure, crime, action, daily life, competition, martial arts, history, war and other categories for users to choose to watch.

2. Comic recommendation: Enterprises can set up some popular comics to recommend to users. Users can quickly enter the comics homepage based on the recommendations and start watching comics.

3. Popularity ranking. The app will rank the number of comics viewers. Users can see which comics are more popular through the ranking.

4. To purchase comics, companies can set some comics as paid purchases. If users want to read the full version of comics, they need to spend money to purchase them, so that companies can make profits.

5. Membership system, which is also a way for enterprises to make profits. When users become members, many comics can be viewed for free, and some paid comics can also enjoy half-price discounts.

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