• Issues that need attention in mini program development

    Original title: Issues that need attention in the development of small programs I believe that when companies develop mini programs, they all have the same idea, that is, they hope that their mini programs can have better results. If you want small programs to be effective, companies need to consider the following issues so that small programs can have better quality and be favored by more users. Next, let me talk to you in detail. User groups First of all, companies need to know what users need and how many…

  • Why do companies need to develop small programs?

    Original title: Nuocheng Technology: Hefei Mini Program Development | Why do companies need to develop Mini Programs? Many corporate customers are asking, why do we need to develop a separate small program when we already have a public account and even an App? Today I will list the advantages of mini programs for you: (1) Active traffic introduction WeChat, Baidu, Alipay and other platforms come with billions of user groups, and through social fission and other methods, they can acquire customers quickly and at low cost. (2) Comprehensively reduce entrepreneurial…

  • Introduction to relevant information about app custom development

    What do you need to prepare before APP development? 1. Have your business license ready. 2. To register a domain name and file it, 3. Of course you need to buy a server. Generally, you can choose Alibaba Cloud or Tencent Cloud. 4. You need to apply for software copyright, because if the APP is to be put on the Android market, you need to provide proof of software copyright. 5. You need to apply for and open a third-party related account. If you want to put it on the…

  • What else do you need to develop a small program besides development?

    There is no need to download the applet when using it, and the feature of scanning the code to use it is deeply loved by the majority of users. With the increasing number of users of the applet, many companies have begun to develop their own applets. Today, taking the WeChat applet as an example, I will introduce the what else is needed to develop an applet besides development. 1. Enterprise entity The development of a small program requires an enterprise entity, that is, which company you use as the…

  • What technologies and tools are needed for front-end development of WeChat official account

    WeChat official account front-end development refers to creating and maintaining the user interface and functions of WeChat official account by using a series of technologies and tools. The front-end development of the WeChat official account requires the use of front-end technologies and tools such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, combined with WeChat developer tools, front-end frameworks, API interfaces, UI libraries, and data interaction technologies to realize the user interface and functions of the WeChat official account. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat official account development company, would like to introduce…

  • WeChat development company: What should I pay attention to when filling in the URL for WeChat official account development?

    When developing a WeChat official account, the URL that needs to be filled in is the interface address used to interact with the WeChat server. When filling in the WeChat official account development URL, you need to ensure the correctness, validity and security of the URL. Only in this way can the normal interaction and data transmission between the official account and the WeChat server be guaranteed. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development company, will introduce to you, what should be paid attention to when filling in…

  • WeChat official account development company: What front-end technology is used for WeChat official account development

    There are many options for the front-end technology developed by the WeChat official account. According to different needs and the technical background of the developer, you can choose the appropriate front-end technology to develop. Which front-end technology to choose to develop a WeChat official account depends on the developer’s needs and technical background. No matter which technology you choose, you need to weigh various factors according to the actual situation, including development cost, performance requirements, and development cycle. Hope the following information is helpful to you. New Mileage Technology, a…

  • What knowledge and skills do you need to master in the development of WeChat official account

    The technologies and knowledge involved in the development of WeChat official accounts are constantly being updated and evolving, and it is necessary to maintain a learning attitude and keep abreast of the latest development technologies and platform policies. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat official account development company, will introduce to you what knowledge and skills do you need to master in the development of WeChat official accounts? 1. Basic understanding of WeChat official account Understand the basic concepts, functions and characteristics of WeChat official accounts, and be familiar with…